Sunday, February 15, 2009

jerio said...

my son is 30. he has schizophrenia symptoms.
do you think you can help him?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I have an agreement in place with every being before entrance into life. Your son has one and so do you - so does everything alive. In these agreements are conditions, circumstances, and experiences. Everyone involved in the lives of others have agreed to play their role. The purpose of these agreements is to gain experience and knowledge so that one has the ability to move forward on their spiritual path. Your son has agreed to his symptoms. You have also agreed to be with him on his path when he experiences these symptoms. An agreement come to fruition is not a death sentence. Neither do you have to simply accept the symptoms of schizophrenia. Ask for help, educate yourselves, seek solutions, and connect with others in similar circumstances. I have never created a life that had no hope of change. Free will is yours, and his and everyone's. Free will is an enormous gift. Use it wisely and thoughtfully. Come to me often in meditation or prayer and know that help is just a thought away."

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