Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Krena said...

Hi God,
How can I overcome my addictions and learn to love, truly love, myself and to forgive myself? I cannot seem to stay on the path and am tired of straying yet again, I am losing faith, I feel I knock and yet no one answers, perhaps that is because I have expectations? Please help me help myself through this.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Every addiction is rooted in darkness. Nothing from light would harm you or anything alive. Please understand the power you have with the gift of free will. You have the ability to choose light or darkness. Your choices give your addictions strength. I put to you a question that you did not ask, "Do you believe I'm worthy of overcoming my addictions?" My answer to you and everyone suffering addiction; Yes. You need to remember that you are a child of mine. You are given such great love and you allow me to love you when you seek me and ask for help. When you ask for help from me, your angels or guides your expectations will always be met if you simply ask for help and stop trying to direct the kind of help you want. Allow us to know from a bigger perspective what will do the most good. We rarely work on just a single being at a time. When you simply ask for help, know that you have it."

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