Monday, February 9, 2009

starlight said...

Dear God,
I'm concerned for my friend Elizabeth. She has been praying for help in finding a soulmate, but not having any luck. She also was recently let go from her job. May I have advice for her to help her through these difficult times?
Thank You!

Answer from God through Carley:

"First, let me commend you on your great capacity to love. Elizabeth would do well to stop looking at all she doesn't have, but instead to pay attention to and be grateful for all she does have. When you live your life from an outlook of gratitude your outlook is grounded in happiness. One law of the Universe is that love attracts love, happiness attracts happiness, etc. Perhaps you and your friend could create a list of all you are grateful for. There are no wrong or right things for this list, but they should be seated in truth to raise ones vibration. Once you are looking at your life and your world in gratitude, come to me and ask for what you would like, then pay very close attention, remembering that coincidence doesn't exist."

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