Monday, March 2, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

First off, thank you, Brian and family for this site. Often times, when I'm feeling down and disconnected from those around me, I find comfort by reading this site. Partly, because I know I'm not alone in my struggles and more so because the answers are uplifting and calming.

My question is...what is the new energy that is developing in the Universe? When did it begin to change and why is it changing? Is it caused by the collective of humankind/free will or are you putting it into motion? Is it a positive change and how can we each play a part in it?

Sorry for all the questions but at times, I feel a different "energy" shift happening (ultimately, a positive one sparked by an extreme negative, "bottoming out" type of energy, if that makes any sense) and seek to find others who feel it, too. Unfortunately, most everyone around me seems perplexed and confused when I even broach the subject. Just want to make sure I'm not losing my grasp on reality!(smile)

Answer from God through Carley:

"There have been many new energies coming in. Some have been aware of the new energies for a couple of years. Certainly the new energies felt now are more intense than they were at first as the energies have had time to settle in. Instead of thinking of it as a negative shifting into a positive try to think of it as continued evolution. As the earth evolves so do its inhabitants. More and more of you understand the truth; that we are one. Because another of you has a different outward appearance you are beginning to understand better that the other is you. As for the bottoming-out you mention, there is a process in effect that is also natural evolution. When a house of cards gets too tall it cannot help but to fall. When a house with a solid foundation is built it can stand very tall and stay structurally sound. Seek truth, ask for help, allow me and your angels and guides to help you and love each other. There is no conflict that cannot be solved when love is the arbitrator."

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