Sunday, March 15, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I know I don't check in with you enough, when I was younger I used to pray so hard I could feel you all around me and I feel so lost lately with my life. I worry for my family all the time, I worry my brother will not be able to find direction in his life because he has never gotten over the loss of my grandfather. I worry for my father because he is suffering from different ailments as he grows older and I worry for my mom because she is so busy taking care of my grandma she neglects herself and her health. God - if I start a business will it be successful and bring my family together the way I hope? Will it provide my brother the discipline and direction he needs? Will I be successful enough to provide for my parents so they don't need to worry or work any longer... God please tell me what to do, I have been praying for your guidance but I need to know what I should do that will be best for my family. I am so confused if I should start this idea or if I should stay with my current job and save for my parents.

Answer from God through Carley:

"When you look back at the times you worried, can you remember something good that the worry brought about? The most important thing you can do for yourself and for others, is to fully control your own free will. You cannot control the free will of others, you can only bend the free will of another temporarily. In the end, what is done is what the owner of the free will wants to do; this is true in people and in animals.

You can tell your brother that it is possible to get over his sense of loss. He has to want to get over it. It might help him to understand that no one owns anyone. Others are in your lives temporarily and it's most important to treat those you love with that in mind. Your mother will not be enough to take care of anyone, including herself if she runs her own health into the ground, but however she acts is entirely up to her. If you choose to start a business it needs to be a business that you yourself derive joy from. If that joy that you get in your business helps your family, that would be a wonderful outcome. Success comes from hard work and deep thought and planning. Start a business for yourself and the rest can fall into place, depending on how the others in your life use their free will."

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