Monday, March 16, 2009

Anonymous said...

I feel I'm at the crossroads.

I have been under a financial strain the last few years, but will I ever get out of this money drain? I know past relationships have turned out badly, but will I ever find a person to share my life with? Will my current relationship eventually work out or should I just cut my losses now and walk away? I really think he would make me happy but I have a tendency to choose poorly. I need some guidance. I know you have "Alix" with you...please take care of her, she left earth too quickly.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are right; you are at a crossroad. I'd like you to consider not being in a relationship for a while. I'd like you instead to spend time and effort deciding who you want to be. You - without a man in your life. When you decide, come to me and ask for help in making that happen. Be ready to work hard on the you yet to come. If you seek a happy and fulfilling relationship - you need to become happy and fulfilled. No relationship can make you happy. You are the only one with that ability. You can be happy in a relationship if you are first happy outside of a relationship.

"Alix" is here with me and also there with you when you think of her. If you love and are loved in life, it is a life well lived."

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