Thursday, March 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

I recently lost my job and I have not been having a lot of luck finding a new job. Do I need to change something or wait for the right opportunity? When will I find the next job?

Answer from God through Carley:

"There are 4 basic steps to take when you are ready to being something new into your life. You can elaborate on any of the steps to help you with your particular desire.
1) Imagine you with it in as much detail as possible. Use all of your physical senses when you imagine it. How do you feel with it? How do you look with it? Is there a taste to it? Is there a smell associated with it? Is there a sound with it? Imagine it daily until you have it.
2) When you have a very clear picture of you with it in your mind's eye, come to me and ask for it.
3) When you give it to me, really give it to me. Allow room for it to come to you even bigger and better than even you imagined it to be.
4) Move. By move I mean for you to physically do something that will bring you closer to your image of what you want. If it's a job you seek I will help you, but you must get your resume together, and then tell people you're looking for a job as well as get out there and knock on doors.

I want so much to help all of your dreams come true, but you have to move in order to allow me to bring things together."

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