Monday, March 30, 2009

Anonymous said...

God, please give me another chance with Jayson. I love him. Please, will you bring him back to me? Will he give us another chance to be together. I don't understand how he could have said all the things he said to me, how much he loved me, told me to trust that he would never leave me, how he was so lucky to have me, how he wanted to marry me.. then he leaves me... even the night before leaving me telling me he was in the relationship for the long haul, the day he left me after he left the letter in my house.. he still said he loved me and wanted to be with me. and now he won't talk to me after I left him alone like he asked... why ? what did i do so horrible that i dont deserve to have m questions answered and to talk? Please open his heart ot me God. I can't be mad at him, I only want him back. Please God.

Answer from God through Carley:

"When you get mixed signals from another they really have nothing to do with you. I know it hurts, and I'm sorry you were put in a painful position. What should you do? Trust your gut. In this relationship you knew at least on some level that this could be a possible outcome with this man. I never want you to settle for less than perfect. Please create a list of the characteristics that you want in a partner. List not only what he's like, but what's important to him and how you'll feel when you're with him. When you've got the list nearly completed, leaving room for me to add a thing or two, bring it to me and ask me for him. Then all you need to do is remember your list, imagine him daily and pay very close attention. Allow me the space and time to bring you together and I'll bring you the perfect partner. I want you to experience real love."

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