Friday, March 6, 2009

Sam said...

I'm just a little confused by this blog. Since you can recieve revelation from God for other people would that make you call yourself some sort of a prophet? And, do you not believe in personal revelation?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Believe is an interesting word. Usually what one believes to be true, is what keeps different information from allowing alternate possibilities.

I speak to everyone. Most people know me through their feelings. I am your gut. I am your intuition. This particular family has chosen to listen and to listen intently - and then to share what they have learned how to do with those who will listen. I've said this on this blog before, that learning to listen to me and your angels and guides is done much the way people learn a second language. It takes desire, intent, practice and dedication. Not everyone cares to learn a second language. You may have noticed that I choose to answer questions in such a way that could help the most people. Does this blog reveal something not known to others? Not really. The information might be new to you, but some know it. For some this information is a refresher, or conformation of what they thought they knew. Do I reveal new information to this family? Yes. I reveal new information to them every single day but I do so to you too."

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