Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anonymous said...

My daugther and I both are in terrible circumstances, in different cities, both pretty much going homeless, without income, job, shelter, food, and not credit/savings left to survive while economy turns around. No family, is just the two of us.. I've been thinking about buying life insurance, name my daugther as only beneficiary and then commit suicide, so at least she can be out of this awful, sad, endless situation. Seems like all doors still closed, and believe I'm looking! like 24/7 trying to help ourselves, but nothing is happening and we are both running out of time.. she is thinking about selling her own blood, and try to have enough to buy a ticket to come and be with me.. and I can't help her or help myself. Don't even have a place to stay myuself, I'm a professional higly skilled always working.. don't want to wind up homeless.. I think I rather not be. MY QUESTION TO GOD IS.. WHAT'S THE POINT OF A WHOLE 50 YEAR LONG LIFE OF MISERY IN ANY IMAGINABLE WAY? IF IT IS A TEST, WELL, PROVEN 100 TIMES OVER, I PERSONALLY AM NOT GOING TO PASS IT. TRIED AND TRIED NO GETTING ANY BETTER.. CARRYING JESUS CROSS? WELL, EVEN HE HAD SOME HELP... AND A RATHER QUICK DEATH, THANK GOD!! BUT MY WHOLE LIFE AND SITUATION, WHAT WAS THE POINT? I'M NOT SAINT OR MARTIR MATERIAL.. DON'T WANT TO BE. IS NOT PRODUCTIVE, POSITIVE OR GOOD FOR ANYONE, ANYHOW, SO PLEASE GOD.. WHAT'S THE POINT?? CAN IT BE STOPPED OR CHANGE FOR THE BETTER?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I'm sorry for your pain. I'm sorry that your situation got so bad. I heard you when you were talking to me then and since then. Thank you for coming to me in your darkest hours. What you need to know is that this situation didn't happen to you it just happened. I never meant for anyone to exist alone. I intended instead that people come together especially in times of great need, to help each other. You have given others help, and now it's your turn to ask for and then to allow others to help you. It's not just the giving that I want from you. Giving is just a half of the circle. Allowing is the other half and when you allow others to help, you bless them. If you want to call this a test, it's most certainly a test you can pass."

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