Monday, April 20, 2009

Anonymous said...

God, you know the details of my 14 year relationship that ended so poorly. I feel so deceived and betrayed. I am having a hard time finding forgiveness for the one who broke my heart and also forgiveness for myself for the way I have reacted with such anger. Please help me find my way through this with any words of wisdom that might help. Will I get to have a happy and healthy relationship leading to marriage with a man who can honestly choose to be with me without hesitation or holdback? Thank you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"When you are ready to let go of the feelings that no longer serve you, come to me and ask me to take them away. When you forgive you give the pain to me.

Why do you think you reacted with such anger? If you had a chance to react to that situation again, what would you change about how you reacted and why? Think about this carefully and search your soul for what you were really feeling. If you could talk to him about this or at least write a letter talking only with your part, you'll begin your healing.

When you're ready, make a list of all the qualities you seek in your perfect partner, what's important to him, how you feel when you're with him, bring it to me and ask me for him. You can find the wrong partner on your own, but I will only bring you your perfect match."

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Anonymous said...

God, since I was born up to 17 years old I only know you because of my family and my Christian Living teachers in my school. But when I turned 18, I decided to do something crazy; to talk to angels. So I searched the net while typing the words "How to talk to Angels" and so on, but as days pass by and no signs of angels talking to me, I basically asked myself this question:

"Why talk to angels when you can just talk to God?"

So after reading many things about You, how You work, what Your nature is, reading the bible, trying to live my life like Christ.

I turned to You.

But there were so many bad things happening to me such as crisis of faith, confusion, losing my trust in You, etc. God if you could just name one more thing to me.

Since I found out you answer prayers to those who follow Jesus, I asked you two things which I end up hurt:

"Will you please come down here on Earth and appear to me as a human person and give me tasks that are so mysterious but has a positive outcome? Just like Joan of Arcadia?"
I prayed and prayed until the two letter depressing word "no" came.

This was the other one:

"I hope I could join a show choir in my University..."
After finding out you said "no" to my first request, I lost confidence in asking You.

And now there is this organization in my University that's a little bit connected to show choir (because there is no show choir organization in my University and the reason I asked this prayer was because I was hoping God would send someone to make a show choir org), will this be YOUR redirection, God? I mean I don't even know how to play an instrument, I just want to sing back-ups...

I think I'm losing my confidence in asking you. I feel like the words of Jesus "Ask anything in My name" are hollow.