Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear Father,

I am at my wits end...the very end! I cannot take much more of this daily exhausting struggle with depression and worse is the anxiety and panic attacks! All the meds they keep throwing down my throat don't help, only tranquilizers help me and they don't work all that well either. I am now finding myself in suicide chat rooms looking for help cause my doctors just don't help..it's all about giving me more drugs! I can't stop shaking, crying, thinking, it is the worse it has ever been I think. My question to you God...well...what do you want me to do? Why can't you help me help myself? I am angry and sad and I don't want to die but I need peace now and that seems to be the only way out since this has been ongoing for too many years and getting worse. They say we go to hell when we take our own lives, I won't believe that, only because my uncle committed suicide, and an acquaintance did as well and I just can't believe that they are in hell. I refuse that notion. They, just like me, did not want to die and the acts were not a direct intentionally insult to Gd or his gift of life but rather the only way they knew how to stop the pain. I am still hanging in for a reason...I am waiting for you, God, to take my hand and help me..cause I believe you will...maybe?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Whenever you feel like nothing makes sense, when you're at your wit's end, when everything you're told simply feels wrong, seek me. I'd like you to learn to meditate. Learn to quiet your mind and sit in silence with me. Don't expect perfection right away, because like anything it takes practice and some dedication. There are many good free guided meditations that you can do by yourself or groups you can join. When you meditate you will find the peace you seek. When you have peace, everything else falls into place."

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