Friday, May 29, 2009

Anonymous said...


I made a mistake at work today by referencing about certain projects are better suited at our other office within our company. I don't want to lose this client or put my job at risk. Can you help me and ask my angels to keep my job safe? I don't want this comment to come back and hurt me, please.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Are you sure what you did was a mistake?

It is important to align with truth when you seek all the blessings of this life. When you are aligned with truth, you speak from the heart and while you can try hard to deliver those words with love, it is required that you speak. Not everyone is aligned in truth yet, and some that hear it will reject it. Others will hear truth and realize the purity of it and then absorb it into their own lives. You will never know of all the lives your words and actions touch while within this life.

When you speak and act from a point of truth and love, your angels and guides will be at the ready to open new doors whenever needed. Meditate daily, ask for the words to come to you that will speak most clearly with the voice of love and then walk in truth and then all the blessings of this life can be yours if you choose to accept them."

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