Sunday, May 31, 2009

Anonymous said...

Hey Love,
As you know I've changed a lot this year. I can't thank you enough, especially for sending Patrick into my life. I've been calling on my angels and yourself to bring me signs to show me whether he is just a mentor or if he is the one you want me to be with. My inner most feelings tell me he is the one and we're here for a divine purpose, but I don't know if that's my youthful imagination wandering. Does Pat feel for me what I feel for him? Will we get the chance to be together?

Thank you always.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Does he feel for you what you feel for him? How much do you think you stand to lose if you were to tell him how you feel?

What if telling him how you feel might bring about a relationship that could fulfill you both?

You know the expression "nothing ventured nothing gained"? I never intended for you to pass on any opportunity that you wanted because you were afraid. Be fearless knowing that I am always right here with you. Always."

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