Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Scotty said...

My parents have passed away a while back and i've been living life without them, and i even forget most of the time that they've passed, i just forget them. when i make decisions and do things, this is when i remember. Are they watching me grow? will they know what i will become? how can i speak to them? do they know my habits?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You remember them when you have decisions to make because they are with you, especially when you have to make tough choices. Your parents are among your angels and they are never far from you.

There is a process that a soul goes through in the transition between life on earth and heaven. In that process all damage, negativity, judgmental opinions and more, that were acquired in life are all stripped away so that only the love that they are remains. More than anything your parents are love for you. You can talk with them in words out loud, in your thoughts, in memories - any way you choose. Try to understand that there is no difference between you and your parents. By that I mean to say that they have your best interests at heart, are able to help you when you ask for it (like all angels can) and they know what you know and as quickly as you know it - actually sometimes before you know things. When you allow it, you'll be able to feel the love that your parents have for you and then know how close they are."

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