Monday, June 29, 2009

Anonymous said...

My son Is soon to be 18 and he has not made good decisions. I am torn between making him leave my home or continuing to enable him. He is my child and I wantthe best for him but I don't know what that is. I am doing the right thing?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You will never be wrong when you follow your heart.  When you seek me, search your heart.  I will always be found there fastest.

Enabeling anyone to behave badly or to treat others badly... including you, is never in anyone's best interest.  Usually, enabeling is only the easiest thing to do.

Make sure that the love you have for your son is known in your words but also in your actions. 

Just like when he was young and you set acceptable limits for his behavior, you must also set acceptable limits for his behavior in your life now

Love him firmly while loving yourself.  I'm right here when either of you need me."

Friday, June 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

I knew he was going to die but we just needed a couple more months to put us on a good financial footing that would have allowed me go on. When you took him suddenly not only was I lost and unprepared but now I don't even have the money to bury him or move. He died here suddenly and I lost and sad, I'm financially devastated. Will things get better, and quickly. Is there a point in going on.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am very sorry for your sense of loss. I am here to help you in every way.

I would like you to understand that I do not take people. Souls are given temporary homes in their human bodies. It is extremely important that more time is spent loving and saying and doing. If more time were wisely used this way, the burden of loss would be much lighter.

With the gift of free will, comes your ability to choose how to use it. Choose wisely with the understanding that no one belongs to you and that all beings die or more accurately transition to the next step on their spiritual path.

I will always provide you with ways to meet your needs. All you need do is ask for help and then move toward what you need.

You are the only one who can answer your question about what is the point of going on. You are a child of mine with the entire Universe at your fingertips. You can choose to go on or not to, but I would urge you to examine your life and whether or not you are living up to your potential to love. Everything you need to go on and make a difference is right here. All you have to do is claim it. I really hope you do."
Holly said...

My son committed suicide in April. Would God be willing to allow him to be born again to me someday? I feel it in my heart that the moment he died he knew he made a mistake and if he had it to do over he would do things differently.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am truly sorry for your pain. When you are ready to release it, please come to me and ask me to take it from you.

Your son and you have been together in many different lifetimes. Sometimes you were the child and he was the parent. Other times you were siblings. You are able to come together in different lifetimes because you both choose to do so. You and he share a very deep love. Please rest assured that you will be together again.

When you are ready to decide how you will use this experience in your life, please come to me with your ideas. I have been and will remain, right here beside you."

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Anonymous said...


I've lost my retainer today. Is there any chance that it will be found?

Answer from God through Carley:

"And what was the lesson learned from the lost retainer? If lessons are not learned the first time you are given the opportunity to learn, I will always give you another chance."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

caseyd1354 said...

dear god, i am terribley afraid of seeing ghosts. i am 14 years old and im so afraid at sometimes i can even go upstairs to play my computer without anyone else upstairs with me. can you help me be less afraid?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes I can help you be less afraid. When you were very small you saw an evil spirit. Your fear stems from that experience. If you spend a few moments trying to remember it, you will have a vague recollection or a sense of familiarity about it. Most seemingly irrational fears are based upon a truth. Once a person understands the truth, the emotional charge can be removed from the situation and then the fear no longer has a hold on you.

Before you go upstairs to play on your computer, ask your angels to clear away all darkness and to protect you from anything scary. Your angels are there to help and to protect you, but in most instances, you have to ask. Use your free will."

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Anonymous said...

Paul or Al?
Please help me take the right direction for joy and happiness in my life.

Answer from God through Carley:

"The right direction for joy and happiness in your life lies within you. No other person can make you happy. In order to be happy you must discover what gives you joy and then you must pursue it. Whether you pursue your joy full-time or part-time doesn't really matter. When you have joy in your heart, you can be happy with another person who has also found and pursued their own joyful expression.

If it comes down to a Paul or Al decision, I'd have to ask you to keep looking. If it were Paul or Al, you'd know it. When you seek truth, search your heart. That's where I can be found."

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rapdt said...

Hi!,i am Shashank.I love a girl,i do no know her nature attitude,etc.I always asked God about her and my aim.I was in pretty bad cicumstances from past some years,the things round me are getting worse,i always tried to do right but everything goes wrong,pls help

Answer from God through Carley:

It is important that you understand that the choices you make right now, create your future. You are unable to change what lies in the past, but the gift that you do have is control of your future.

Usually, things that go wrong, go wrong by your chosen actions or by your inaction.

Even if you choose not to choose, you have chosen something.

If you want to have a different outcome, love yourself enough. Value your future. Tell the world that you matter as shown by the choices you make regarding your future and the future of others that your choices also impact. Chose carefully with thought and with the intent for the best possible outcome.

Many of the choices before you will not be easy choices. You may have to work hard to attain the life you want for yourself.

I believe in you. Ask for my help, choose and act. I'm right here every time you seek me."

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mary (after the Virgin Mary) said...

Dear God, Here I am...lonely. After years of abuse I finally left my marriage. Thought I found a man recently who was my soulmate and you know that didn't work out. Then found a man who I liked a lot...didn't matter that I am Catholic and he is Jewish though I did have a problem that he is younger than I am. Yeah so what I am struggling financially but helped him out because he said he was having a tough time...even though I was pretty sure he was lying I lent him some money and sure enough...that seems to be what he wanted and so I have not heard from him since. I thought about taking him to court but just don't have the heart for it. All these men said they loved me, yet I was used, abused, lied too and had money taken from me at a time when I don't have a job. At a time when I am afraid to spend the money I do have because I do not know what is going to happen down the line. I left most of my family and friends when I left my marriage and moved to another state. Even though when I was married I was isolated from them a seems to be that I am isolated even more now. Have been having a tough go of it...afraid to do anything on my own...and seems there is no one to help me out. When I do finally let someone near I just find out they are not what they seem. I have lost my faith and trust in men, yet I would love to be loved by a man and to give him all the love that is in my heart...well aside from the love I give to you. I am waiting for a soulmate but am so lonely not sure how much longer I can wait. I don't need a lot in life...just some financial security but would love to share it with a man who would treat me nice and would want to share and spend time with me. I see these woman who have men that do things with them...I haven't had that a seems I have been isolated a lot even when a man has been in my life. Yes I would love the walks on your beautiful beaches with someone or in your parks...someone who would help me make dinner instead of just coming and fixing a plate and eating by myself. You know what is going on in my life. You know the fears I have. You know the pain in my neck, shoulders and back. Getting a job that can work around my pain and in this economy is not going to be easy. I have asked for your help. I am at my wits end. I am so tired...tired of worrying about money, a job, food, but most of all I am tired of being lonely. I want to spend my golden years with someone special. Please Dear Lord can you send me my soulmate? I know I have to get out of this house to find him but since I don't go many places on my own that is hard to do. So where do I look?

Answer from God through Carley:

"The most important thing I'd like you to learn is to love yourself. You see, what you put out into the world, returns to you. When you accept others into your life that aren't worthy of your trust, or who would take advantage of you, you dishonor yourself.

When you love yourself you acknowledge that you are worthy of true love, worthy of being cherished and treasured as the special gift that you are.

You have a beautiful heart. I would like you to show that to the world. Don't be afraid, but rather be fearless.

Learn about yourself. What do you really enjoy? What types of things interest you? When you discover those things - and you can discover them by trial and error - you will engage others who share the same interests. When you do this, you make friends. I am sending you both friends and teachers. In order to find them, you have to get out there. Seek out community centers where you can join in activities that sound interesting. Talk to people. Show your good heart to people and allow them to be your friends. Once you learn to be and have friends, you'll be more ready to find the man I have planned for you. Before this can happen you need to become the woman that your ideal man can fall in love with. The best way to do that is to love yourself enough to accept nothing less than the perfect man for you."
Kelly in va said...

Dear god
it has been tough for me lately i am struggling with my faith and dont have a job. i feel verry low and am questioning my value. i really want to know why you put me here an what i am suppose to be doing with my self. could you pleas give me some direction. love you

ps pleas tell mike i miss him alot he was a good friend to me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I put you here as I have put every being here; to love. When you make the choice to love openly, fear does not direct you or your actions.

There have been many energy corrections in the last 2 years on Earth. Many more corrections are coming. Everything you thought you believed needs to be examined, and the sooner you do so, the easier the days ahead will be.

If it's a job you seek, ask me for it and them move in the direction you need to move to find that job and pay very close attention to the subtle signals that come to you. If based in truth, your every prayer will be answered with "yes" however the job will not find you.

Meditate and re-connect with me. Allow my light to fill you. When you find what gives you joy you've found a purpose. If you cannot find a job that gives you joy, then you must follow your joy apart from work, however what gives you joy will give you that sense of purpose you feel that you are lacking. Everything you seek is at your full disposal. As in everything sought, action is required.

As for Mike, he knows and he's only a thought away from you."
Todd 8/28/67 said...

I have been reading my Bible and praying everyday for God to reveal to me just what it is He wants from me in this life. So, I have to ask God what is it you want from me in this life?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I want you to find what gives you joy and do that. Whatever it is, it's up to you to find. Once you find it, ask me to help you bring it into your life. You have to choose, and then take the necessary steps to be ready for it, and once you're ready, pay very close attention."

Monday, June 15, 2009

AlterD said...

in Indonesia, i want to help other people with my business.
so, what should i do? my parent, my sister, and another family never give me some support.

should i survive on my business?
thanks before

Answer from God through Carley:

"You have a wonderful heart. I'm sorry that your family doesn't support your dreams. Perhaps you could work harder to talk with them. When you talk let them know the passion you have for your business. Ask them what they think you should do before they think you would be successful in business. Perhaps you can meet somewhere in the middle and everyone can be happy.

If not, perhaps you could seek out mentors who are in a similar business to the one you hope for. What advice would they give you? Ask for help and then take action that will get you closer to your dreams. Your angels and guides are ready to help you whenever you need them and I am always just right here."
Anonymous said...

I am doing my internship in world's one of the biggest companies. I wish to become a full time employee there. But tasks assigned to me are being finished in quite a slower rate. Will they hire me?

Answer from God through Carley:

"There are better places for you to work. Look less for prestige and a sense of what your family and friends will think of you when you get the job, and look more for your sense of peace and of a job doing something that will fulfill you on a daily basis. Search your heart for what you would really like to do in life and then all you have to do is make steps in that direction and ask for help."

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anonymous said...

God my stepson is dealing with the loss of his Grandfather and is very sad how can I help him

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for asking this beautiful question. Losing the body of a connected soul can be very difficult without a better understanding of life and death.

I wonder if you could find a quiet and uninterrupted space to talk with your stepson, where he would feel safe and protected from any judgment and where he could feel free to ask any question or to allow his feelings to flow freely.

In this space, you could explain to him the thing about life that most humans choose to forget; that no one belongs to them. Each life we encounter is a loan. Each connection, a special gift with a finite availability.

Although the body dies, the soul never does. Sometimes death is referred to as a transition. This is an accurate term as the soul that inhabited a human body transitions from that body into another space. Once connected by love, souls can stay connected. To see evidence of that connection, ask your stepson to think about something his grandfather and he enjoyed together. Ask him that if he has anything to say to his grandfather, that perhaps he didn't say while his grandfather was in his human body. If there is something he'd like to say, encourage him to do so now. When love connects, it only takes a thought to bring that soul close. Perhaps he could think of his grandfather as transitioned from his grandfather in this life to a guardian angel, ever present and there to help whenever asked to. You can do the same you know, We're all right here just waiting to be asked to help."

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anonymous said...

I met this girl at work. She and i hit it off imediately. We fell in love and i have never in my life met anyone i am more compatible with or had such strong feelings for. ( i have been engaged) The problem with things is she is married to an abusive husband. We were working towards getting her out of there when he found out I exist. When this all started the plan was never to fall in love or to start anything due to the current circumstances. I do love her more than anything and i truely believe she loves me back. But now we can barely even speak. She cant move out of there till sept at the earliest cause she needs to wait to save up money to move her and the kids out of that house and into a safe place to live. What i would like to know is when this is all said and done with, Will we be together or is this the end of what could of been a out of the park home run type relationship.

Answer from God through Carley:

"It really all comes down to choices made. You can choose to help a woman get away from an abusive husband. You can make the choice that allows you to fall in love with another man's wife, but in the end the woman in the abusive relationship has to choose to leave the abuse. Everything you can do in your life is the result of choices made followed by actions taken."

Monday, June 8, 2009

Janet 06/08/09 said...

Okay here goes. I keep on telling my husband that morning sickness is not all in a person's head, but he doesn't believe me. He believes that long before getting sick I was expecting the morning sickness therefore, I got the morning sickness.

He has given me the same theory on each and every one of my pregnancies. So this pregnancy is no exception.

My question is: is his theory correct, ‘cause I so have tried to block the morning sickness from my head and well to no success. I’ve even tried to meditate, but still nothing.

If my theory is true and "no morning sickness is not in my head" what causes it, why must I and other expecting mothers endure it?

Can you clarify this for me or my husband?

One last thing Brian, if it's not to much of your time to ask God, one last thing... With my second pregnancy God told my husband what the sex of the baby was going to be, can he please do the same for this one? Thanks. I hope to know before I deliver if possible.

I hate "morning sickness".


I know Brian is backed up with other questions, and by the time this one gets answered I would have probably had the baby, but even then I would like this question answered for my husband and I sake of discussion over! Thanks God, thanks Brian.

Answer from God through Carley:

"No. Your husband is not correct. Morning sickness is a real physical condition that affects about 50% of pregnant women. The reasons why a woman might experience morning sickness are widely varied, but your morning sickness was caused by an increased hormonal level that took your body months to balance. While I am sorry for your discomfort while you were pregnant, I also know that you agree that your son was worth every second that it took for your body to adjust. Well done.."

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Anonymous said...

June 1,2009
My question is about forgiveness. I've taken care of my disabled boyfriend for many years without asking for anything, giving up a lot to do so. During this time, many people have used him & even been abusive to him verbally, financially. A relative of his, he's never been close to also took advantage of him through a real estate racket, fully knowing he was in desparate abusive living situation with his son. My friend & I often told the relative of abuses that she repeatedly ignored & encouraged my friend to let his violent/drug dealing son live with us "forever". This woman claims to be a Christian & now lives near us & meddles, causes problems & insults & berates me, despite knowing all I've done for my friend as he has repeatedly told her. I feel very alone in this because I can't prove it goes on & she also manipulates my friend. I have asked God to forgive & bless her & the son daily for many years. I know if I don't, God will not forgive me for my sins.
These people continue to be problems & I'm sick of it. They don't contact us very often, but when they do it frightens me, because I know they are trouble. My friend says they are family and has to put up with them.
I don't like to think about them & I get upset having to mention them in prayer daily. I'm afraid if I don't continue to forgive them by name in prayer that God won't forgive my sins.
I've asked God to help with the problems these people cause continually but it seems God's not going to. Social workers aren't any help, either, which is very discouraging, and one spoke to me as if I have mental problems when I mentioned the son abused my friend badly. I'm hurt & angered by this. I'm really ticked at social workers. No one believes me, I'm just the stupid, lowly cowardly mental case who cared enough to help someone in need, even though I did this for my boyfriend, I put myself in dangerous situations to do this.
What say you?

P.S. For couple with the 10 acre property problem, my prayers are with you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"First, thank you for your open heart and caring spirit. You love openly and I am so proud of you. I ask you to try not to lose sight of who you are and what's important to you along the path of your journey.

Now I'd like to talk with you about choices. You choose to be with your friend and offer him the help he needs because you love him and because you understand that no beings were put on earth to be alone. The relatives that your friend says he has to put up with, are allowed by him to be part of his life by his choice. No one has to put up with anyone. I expect you all to decide what is and what is not acceptable to you, and to act accordingly. I would ask every being to choose to have at least one being who lifts them up. For instance, who is your earthly source of encouragement, of love and friendship? To some that person is family, a friend, a pet. I would like every being to have a source of joy in another being. When you have that, you are then able to spread what you get to others. Energy cannot only be outgoing. A well without a source will always run dry.

Now let's talk about your real question; forgiveness. There is nothing that you have to do for me to forgive you. Nothing. I offer grace to those who often don't ever ask for it. Please remember that I know your heart. I am your heart. You are all in situations by agreement, but nothing says you have to stay in those situations. I hope that you learn from them, and never forget what it felt like to be there, but you never have to stay where you start out.

As for forgiving those who have done you wrong, it's advisable. When you withhold forgiveness, no matter what your intent is, you hurt yourself. Blocking love creates a detour on your spiritual path and it becomes a decision you make to either stay where you are or to move on. Your choice is made whether you choose to act or whether you refuse to choose.

As for people who claim labels that do not fit, don't worry about that either. I know their heart, just like I know yours.

I hope you would learn to meditate and learn to know me better. I have great plans for your life and I'm here to remind you that I am always with you. I will not meddle with free will, but I'll remind you that you have the same gift and it is mighty."
IM4GOD said...

GOD when will you be calling us all home? I noticed alot of your prophicies coming to light and I really want to come home! Please how much longer?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I have great hope for humanity in the present time. Because many have chosen love over fear, light has increased on your planet and because of it, new possibilities exist.

I would ask you to live in the present, in exactly the situations you find yourself, and not for some distant day. I would also ask you to choose to help and love fellow beings in need. These things to help needn't be grand gestures. Sometimes it's the simple acts of listening and feeling and smiling and using your voice for another without the ability to do so on their own, that makes a grand difference. You have always had the ability to make a grand difference within you, as you are a child of mine."

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hunter said...

When My Cousin died I cried for Months on end, my eyes were so red I could not attend school. We thought he was all better he got his double lung transplant and all was well, but then he was brought back into the hospital. he died later that night, my question is Why did you take him from us?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry that you took your cousin's death of his physical body on Earth with so much pain and sense of loss.

I did not take him from you. I do not take people. Human bodies are temporary vessels for an eternal soul. Every body dies.

There is much that goes into a life timeline, but please consider that your cousin lived exactly as he had planned to live when he and I sat together and created his lifeline regarding this time on Earth. Please also consider that everyone involved in every life is in it by agreement. The agreements are designed to gain experiences and perspective and to advance spiritual understanding.

Try to think that of the people you love, none belong to you. If you make a conscious decision to say everything you mean to say, do everything you mean to do and live the way to want to live, when the body dies, your regrets will be few and your sense of loss lighter and shorter lived."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Anonymous said...

God.... sometimes i hate myself... infact at times i despise myself.... i know i shudnt do it but i do it.... and then i feel so disgusted at myself....

Answer from God through Carley:

"If you want to feel differently you need to change your life. In order to change your life you need to choose to do so and then act. If you seek help in learning how to change, ask me for it and then pay very close attention. You still haven't asked for help. I'll be right here when you're ready to decide to change."