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June 1,2009
My question is about forgiveness. I've taken care of my disabled boyfriend for many years without asking for anything, giving up a lot to do so. During this time, many people have used him & even been abusive to him verbally, financially. A relative of his, he's never been close to also took advantage of him through a real estate racket, fully knowing he was in desparate abusive living situation with his son. My friend & I often told the relative of abuses that she repeatedly ignored & encouraged my friend to let his violent/drug dealing son live with us "forever". This woman claims to be a Christian & now lives near us & meddles, causes problems & insults & berates me, despite knowing all I've done for my friend as he has repeatedly told her. I feel very alone in this because I can't prove it goes on & she also manipulates my friend. I have asked God to forgive & bless her & the son daily for many years. I know if I don't, God will not forgive me for my sins.
These people continue to be problems & I'm sick of it. They don't contact us very often, but when they do it frightens me, because I know they are trouble. My friend says they are family and has to put up with them.
I don't like to think about them & I get upset having to mention them in prayer daily. I'm afraid if I don't continue to forgive them by name in prayer that God won't forgive my sins.
I've asked God to help with the problems these people cause continually but it seems God's not going to. Social workers aren't any help, either, which is very discouraging, and one spoke to me as if I have mental problems when I mentioned the son abused my friend badly. I'm hurt & angered by this. I'm really ticked at social workers. No one believes me, I'm just the stupid, lowly cowardly mental case who cared enough to help someone in need, even though I did this for my boyfriend, I put myself in dangerous situations to do this.
What say you?

P.S. For couple with the 10 acre property problem, my prayers are with you.

Answer from God through Carley:

"First, thank you for your open heart and caring spirit. You love openly and I am so proud of you. I ask you to try not to lose sight of who you are and what's important to you along the path of your journey.

Now I'd like to talk with you about choices. You choose to be with your friend and offer him the help he needs because you love him and because you understand that no beings were put on earth to be alone. The relatives that your friend says he has to put up with, are allowed by him to be part of his life by his choice. No one has to put up with anyone. I expect you all to decide what is and what is not acceptable to you, and to act accordingly. I would ask every being to choose to have at least one being who lifts them up. For instance, who is your earthly source of encouragement, of love and friendship? To some that person is family, a friend, a pet. I would like every being to have a source of joy in another being. When you have that, you are then able to spread what you get to others. Energy cannot only be outgoing. A well without a source will always run dry.

Now let's talk about your real question; forgiveness. There is nothing that you have to do for me to forgive you. Nothing. I offer grace to those who often don't ever ask for it. Please remember that I know your heart. I am your heart. You are all in situations by agreement, but nothing says you have to stay in those situations. I hope that you learn from them, and never forget what it felt like to be there, but you never have to stay where you start out.

As for forgiving those who have done you wrong, it's advisable. When you withhold forgiveness, no matter what your intent is, you hurt yourself. Blocking love creates a detour on your spiritual path and it becomes a decision you make to either stay where you are or to move on. Your choice is made whether you choose to act or whether you refuse to choose.

As for people who claim labels that do not fit, don't worry about that either. I know their heart, just like I know yours.

I hope you would learn to meditate and learn to know me better. I have great plans for your life and I'm here to remind you that I am always with you. I will not meddle with free will, but I'll remind you that you have the same gift and it is mighty."

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