Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Anonymous said...

I met this girl at work. She and i hit it off imediately. We fell in love and i have never in my life met anyone i am more compatible with or had such strong feelings for. ( i have been engaged) The problem with things is she is married to an abusive husband. We were working towards getting her out of there when he found out I exist. When this all started the plan was never to fall in love or to start anything due to the current circumstances. I do love her more than anything and i truely believe she loves me back. But now we can barely even speak. She cant move out of there till sept at the earliest cause she needs to wait to save up money to move her and the kids out of that house and into a safe place to live. What i would like to know is when this is all said and done with, Will we be together or is this the end of what could of been a out of the park home run type relationship.

Answer from God through Carley:

"It really all comes down to choices made. You can choose to help a woman get away from an abusive husband. You can make the choice that allows you to fall in love with another man's wife, but in the end the woman in the abusive relationship has to choose to leave the abuse. Everything you can do in your life is the result of choices made followed by actions taken."

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