Thursday, June 11, 2009

Anonymous said...

God my stepson is dealing with the loss of his Grandfather and is very sad how can I help him

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for asking this beautiful question. Losing the body of a connected soul can be very difficult without a better understanding of life and death.

I wonder if you could find a quiet and uninterrupted space to talk with your stepson, where he would feel safe and protected from any judgment and where he could feel free to ask any question or to allow his feelings to flow freely.

In this space, you could explain to him the thing about life that most humans choose to forget; that no one belongs to them. Each life we encounter is a loan. Each connection, a special gift with a finite availability.

Although the body dies, the soul never does. Sometimes death is referred to as a transition. This is an accurate term as the soul that inhabited a human body transitions from that body into another space. Once connected by love, souls can stay connected. To see evidence of that connection, ask your stepson to think about something his grandfather and he enjoyed together. Ask him that if he has anything to say to his grandfather, that perhaps he didn't say while his grandfather was in his human body. If there is something he'd like to say, encourage him to do so now. When love connects, it only takes a thought to bring that soul close. Perhaps he could think of his grandfather as transitioned from his grandfather in this life to a guardian angel, ever present and there to help whenever asked to. You can do the same you know, We're all right here just waiting to be asked to help."

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