Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Hunter said...

When My Cousin died I cried for Months on end, my eyes were so red I could not attend school. We thought he was all better he got his double lung transplant and all was well, but then he was brought back into the hospital. he died later that night, my question is Why did you take him from us?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry that you took your cousin's death of his physical body on Earth with so much pain and sense of loss.

I did not take him from you. I do not take people. Human bodies are temporary vessels for an eternal soul. Every body dies.

There is much that goes into a life timeline, but please consider that your cousin lived exactly as he had planned to live when he and I sat together and created his lifeline regarding this time on Earth. Please also consider that everyone involved in every life is in it by agreement. The agreements are designed to gain experiences and perspective and to advance spiritual understanding.

Try to think that of the people you love, none belong to you. If you make a conscious decision to say everything you mean to say, do everything you mean to do and live the way to want to live, when the body dies, your regrets will be few and your sense of loss lighter and shorter lived."

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