Monday, June 8, 2009

Janet 06/08/09 said...

Okay here goes. I keep on telling my husband that morning sickness is not all in a person's head, but he doesn't believe me. He believes that long before getting sick I was expecting the morning sickness therefore, I got the morning sickness.

He has given me the same theory on each and every one of my pregnancies. So this pregnancy is no exception.

My question is: is his theory correct, ‘cause I so have tried to block the morning sickness from my head and well to no success. I’ve even tried to meditate, but still nothing.

If my theory is true and "no morning sickness is not in my head" what causes it, why must I and other expecting mothers endure it?

Can you clarify this for me or my husband?

One last thing Brian, if it's not to much of your time to ask God, one last thing... With my second pregnancy God told my husband what the sex of the baby was going to be, can he please do the same for this one? Thanks. I hope to know before I deliver if possible.

I hate "morning sickness".


I know Brian is backed up with other questions, and by the time this one gets answered I would have probably had the baby, but even then I would like this question answered for my husband and I sake of discussion over! Thanks God, thanks Brian.

Answer from God through Carley:

"No. Your husband is not correct. Morning sickness is a real physical condition that affects about 50% of pregnant women. The reasons why a woman might experience morning sickness are widely varied, but your morning sickness was caused by an increased hormonal level that took your body months to balance. While I am sorry for your discomfort while you were pregnant, I also know that you agree that your son was worth every second that it took for your body to adjust. Well done.."

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