Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kelly in va said...

Dear god
it has been tough for me lately i am struggling with my faith and dont have a job. i feel verry low and am questioning my value. i really want to know why you put me here an what i am suppose to be doing with my self. could you pleas give me some direction. love you

ps pleas tell mike i miss him alot he was a good friend to me.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I put you here as I have put every being here; to love. When you make the choice to love openly, fear does not direct you or your actions.

There have been many energy corrections in the last 2 years on Earth. Many more corrections are coming. Everything you thought you believed needs to be examined, and the sooner you do so, the easier the days ahead will be.

If it's a job you seek, ask me for it and them move in the direction you need to move to find that job and pay very close attention to the subtle signals that come to you. If based in truth, your every prayer will be answered with "yes" however the job will not find you.

Meditate and re-connect with me. Allow my light to fill you. When you find what gives you joy you've found a purpose. If you cannot find a job that gives you joy, then you must follow your joy apart from work, however what gives you joy will give you that sense of purpose you feel that you are lacking. Everything you seek is at your full disposal. As in everything sought, action is required.

As for Mike, he knows and he's only a thought away from you."

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