Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mary (after the Virgin Mary) said...

Dear God, Here I am...lonely. After years of abuse I finally left my marriage. Thought I found a man recently who was my soulmate and you know that didn't work out. Then found a man who I liked a lot...didn't matter that I am Catholic and he is Jewish though I did have a problem that he is younger than I am. Yeah so what happened...here I am struggling financially but helped him out because he said he was having a tough time...even though I was pretty sure he was lying I lent him some money and sure enough...that seems to be what he wanted and so I have not heard from him since. I thought about taking him to court but just don't have the heart for it. All these men said they loved me, yet I was used, abused, lied too and had money taken from me at a time when I don't have a job. At a time when I am afraid to spend the money I do have because I do not know what is going to happen down the line. I left most of my family and friends when I left my marriage and moved to another state. Even though when I was married I was isolated from them a lot...it seems to be that I am isolated even more now. Have been having a tough go of it...afraid to do anything on my own...and seems there is no one to help me out. When I do finally let someone near I just find out they are not what they seem. I have lost my faith and trust in men, yet I would love to be loved by a man and to give him all the love that is in my heart...well aside from the love I give to you. I am waiting for a soulmate but am so lonely not sure how much longer I can wait. I don't need a lot in life...just some financial security but would love to share it with a man who would treat me nice and would want to share and spend time with me. I see these woman who have men that do things with them...I haven't had that a lot...it seems I have been isolated a lot even when a man has been in my life. Yes I would love the walks on your beautiful beaches with someone or in your parks...someone who would help me make dinner instead of just coming and fixing a plate and eating by myself. You know what is going on in my life. You know the fears I have. You know the pain in my neck, shoulders and back. Getting a job that can work around my pain and in this economy is not going to be easy. I have asked for your help. I am at my wits end. I am so tired...tired of worrying about money, a job, food, but most of all I am tired of being lonely. I want to spend my golden years with someone special. Please Dear Lord can you send me my soulmate? I know I have to get out of this house to find him but since I don't go many places on my own that is hard to do. So where do I look?

Answer from God through Carley:

"The most important thing I'd like you to learn is to love yourself. You see, what you put out into the world, returns to you. When you accept others into your life that aren't worthy of your trust, or who would take advantage of you, you dishonor yourself.

When you love yourself you acknowledge that you are worthy of true love, worthy of being cherished and treasured as the special gift that you are.

You have a beautiful heart. I would like you to show that to the world. Don't be afraid, but rather be fearless.

Learn about yourself. What do you really enjoy? What types of things interest you? When you discover those things - and you can discover them by trial and error - you will engage others who share the same interests. When you do this, you make friends. I am sending you both friends and teachers. In order to find them, you have to get out there. Seek out community centers where you can join in activities that sound interesting. Talk to people. Show your good heart to people and allow them to be your friends. Once you learn to be and have friends, you'll be more ready to find the man I have planned for you. Before this can happen you need to become the woman that your ideal man can fall in love with. The best way to do that is to love yourself enough to accept nothing less than the perfect man for you."

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