Wednesday, June 17, 2009

rapdt said...

Hi!,i am Shashank.I love a girl,i do no know her nature attitude,etc.I always asked God about her and my aim.I was in pretty bad cicumstances from past some years,the things round me are getting worse,i always tried to do right but everything goes wrong,pls help

Answer from God through Carley:

It is important that you understand that the choices you make right now, create your future. You are unable to change what lies in the past, but the gift that you do have is control of your future.

Usually, things that go wrong, go wrong by your chosen actions or by your inaction.

Even if you choose not to choose, you have chosen something.

If you want to have a different outcome, love yourself enough. Value your future. Tell the world that you matter as shown by the choices you make regarding your future and the future of others that your choices also impact. Chose carefully with thought and with the intent for the best possible outcome.

Many of the choices before you will not be easy choices. You may have to work hard to attain the life you want for yourself.

I believe in you. Ask for my help, choose and act. I'm right here every time you seek me."

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