Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anonymous said...

dear god. this movie preview said
that the movie predicts the end of
time is coming december 21. 2012
i'm scared of dying is the end of the world really coming on this date. the movie is called 2012. i know you know that.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes, I know of this prediction. Many great changes are coming. There have already been great changes. If you decide to feel them, you will.

I have renewed hope for humanity. Many on Earth are stepping into a new understanding of their place here. Many are beginning to understand that all beings are connected and that none are valued higher than another. I am very pleased with this deliberate shift.

If you fear death, then you are not really living. That is not what I have chosen for any of you. I want you to make every increment of time matter in as big a way as you possibly can. Help one another. Smile. Sing. Be grateful for everything you have and ask for help in everything else you want to do and have. Accept that I am here to help you and that your angels and guides are simply waiting for you to ask for their help. Know that you are a part of every living thing and that every living thing - including Earth is connected to you. Act with love and fear nothing. I am right here."

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