Monday, July 13, 2009

Anonymous said...

what do my dreams mean?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Dreams serve so many purposes. Sometimes when you are bothered by something, you are shown a way out of your situation in your dreams. Sometimes adversely, what bothers you can take on a dark and sinister side and you see it in nightmares.

When you ask for help in a situation and then you "sleep on it" we often bring that help to you when you are most available to us. For some, that open willing state is in a sleep state. Some people wake up from a vivid dream and have the answer to something that's been puzzling them. Some people cross spiritual planes and come to Heaven and speak with me, their angels and guides, or are able to spend time with loved ones passed on from the life where you knew them.

When you meditate you practice being open in your awake state. Imagine how much more information, light and peace you could be receiving if you were open to all there is in every state of consciousness."

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