Saturday, July 18, 2009

Anonymous said...

will zac efron and vanessa hidgens breake up in 2009?? and my brothers ex girlfriend lied to get him sent to prison will she go to hell? and what is in my future is my dream going to come true? ps thankyou for the sighns u told me zanessa are going to breake up but is that true?

Answer from God through Carley:

""I choose the question about your brother's ex-girlfriend. Hell, as in a place of fire in which to burn for all eternity based upon your actions in this lifetime, does not exist. What happens when you lie, either a big lie that damages another or even a little lie that keeps you in good favor, you lose the ability to have your angels and guides help you. Angels are not allowed to come to the aid of anyone in any situation when they are in the midst of their own lie. When there is darkness light is prevented from coming through. Darkness breeds darkness and the cycle becomes ruthless.

The thing to understand about lying is that it's a choice. You choose to either stay in light with the full force of your angels, guides and me, or you choose to forgo all of the help of heaven and go it on your own.

Choices really matter. If ever you need to know what to do in any given situation, all you need to do is check how it feels before you do it or say it. If it feels good, then by all means, forge ahead. If it feels bad, or if you get a sense of hesitation, that's me trying to get you to rethink your actions. I did that for your brother's ex-girlfriend and I do it for everyone else too."

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