Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anonymous said...

Yes, as the Bible says, there really is only one path to get to heaven. "Instead of looking to the written word?" If God gave us the written word, who are we to go against it? Be careful who you listen to here, - not everyone has a message from God or is speaking for Him. What if i told you God wanted you to send me all of your money? Use your common sense, but never do anything contrary to the Bible.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You can use your free will any way you choose. That is a gift from me to every living being. You can choose to believe anything you choose to believe and behave in any way you choose to behave.

In this instance I would like to turn the table and ask you a question.

What do you know of me? What do you really know? I would like you to search your heart before you answer as I would like your answer to come from your own heart and to be in your own words.

Regardless of what you have read and regardless of what you believe, I would no sooner deny any of my creations access to heaven than I would deny you access. I love every atom of every life and I love every atom equally. I do not have human emotions. All I ask of humanity is to love and to not judge."

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