Wednesday, July 15, 2009

innocent said...

hi everone,
i am 23 years old guy. All my life i have pretended to be normal to people but deep inside of me there is fear and emptyness which keep me hurting day by day. I am shy and nervous type of guy who is scared to talk in difficult situation. But avoidaing such situation i pretend to be normal i9n front of othere people. I fear of faliure or something bad can be happen to me, but i dont know about the empteness i feel. Right now i have just started to working and that fear is following me like a shadow and hampering my carrier. I feel like i am the dumg guy adn lots of negative thoughts is going through my mind. My life is passing out from my hand, i cant feel the hapiness completely. My action is not working as my thought always keep me behind. Tell me what i can do me as my crucial peroid of my life is breaking down. I am becoming numb day by day...

Answer from God through Carley:

"When you live entirely inside of yourself, it is difficult for the light to get through. Please learn to meditate. When you meditate you still your mind and allow me room to come in. When you allow me room you allow light, and in light nothing of darkness can exist. I would also ask you to do for others. Find an organization you care about and volunteer. When you learn of the difficulties others face, your own problems pale by comparison."

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