Monday, August 3, 2009

Anonymous said...

What do you do when there are people around you who discourage you when you try to do right, people you love I mean. Sometimes I feel at peace and it doesn't matter, I struggle with feeling overwhelmed when everything you say or do is twisted. It hurts. I feel people around me are judging me unneccessarily. I feel its because two people who are closest to me are so threatened that I have finally woken up to the control tactics they have used over me that they are trying to make me look bad. i feel helpless at times, i know i need to trust God and let Him do the fight but it is hard. I feel that if I defend myself against lies, i look bad, if i don't i look bad, or i should say they will use it to make me look that way to other peoople i care about - people who truly care about me but who are now confused by their words. i realize that i have become stressed in the past to the point where the truth of situations may have looked cloudy to me, but my heart is speaking to me now - what do you do to defend yourself or should you even bother...i just want everyone to love each other. When does God want you or expect you to stand there ever a time when you should cut a person close - family - out of your life or is it my job to endure and love...i feel so alone, i know God is with me but i still have to carry on with everyday life and situations...i ask you to pray for me and ask God to give me the strength i need to get through this difficult time. i can forgive people for anything, but how can you forgive someone who can never admit they've made a mistake..they don't want forgiveness, they want you to put up with things as they are...i know God wants us to forgive, but what does he want us to do when the person/ action is not changing or doesn't see a need to...i know God wants me to stay with my husband regardless and i do love him despite some of his ways,i married him for better or worse and unless he leaves me i feel i should stay unless i felt i was in physical danger or the kids were and i definitely don't right now. i realize for the first time that love no matter how much cannot change a person, only the love of God has the power to do this, i am grateful to have God in my heart, i just need the strength to deal with this situation so i can carry on with my life or i should say start truly living. i don't feel comfortable when other people are uncomfortable - i pick up feelings very easily, i've tried to change this but i am now ready to accept my sensitive nature, i just ask God to give me the strength to use my nature wisely and not let me get overwhelmed by the dissapproval of others when i have to stand strong for what i believe in. i don't want to fall down emotionally every time i sense someone is not being kind. overall i guess i'm wondering, should i approach the genuine people in my life who i know truly have my best interests at heart with the situation i'm going through, tell them what i sense is going on or just leave it to God. i know i don't need anyone ultimately but God, but it would help to have support and i can't help but feel that it's unfair to sit by and let others isolate me from those with untruth. if i make a mistake, i can take responsiblity, any mistakes i've made that i know of i have asked for forgiveness and i feel forgiven, but i don't feel i should have to take the blame for other people's mistakes. once again, should i let it go or just tell someone i trust that i feel someone is trying to ruin me. sorry this is so long, thank you for your time, God Bless

Answer from God through Carley:

"If one can control the free will of another, it is only temporary control. One does however, have full control of their own free will. When you allow others to convince you to go along with something that you know is not true, you willingly give them control of your free will.

Your angels and guides cannot help you when you are knowingly in the midst of a lie. When you stand in truth, you have the full support of heaven. Just because you find yourself in a particular situation, perhaps by agreement, doesn't mean that you have to stay in that situation.

You are expected to evolve even in a single lifetime and especially now in the current time. What you experience today has the potential to create the you yet to come. The only think standing between the the life you could have and the life you have, is your indecision. Decide what is important to you.

It is not my intent to keep you from your potential. All you have to do is choose what it is you want, ask for help and then move in the direction of your dreams, while paying very close attention to your feelings. I speak to you through your feelings. When you deny your feelings, you deny me."

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