Monday, August 3, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dar God,

I have been lost to you, then found to you, several times in my life. I really feel like this girl you sent could really have inspired me to be permanently saved, but all that is in hindsight. I was still so twisted from before that I ruined it with her. I love her so much, and plus, I see what my influence has done to her life, she has become more and more uncaring about her self respect and virtue and I can't bear it! Still, I hurt her so much that she will not speak to me, so its a damned if I do, damned if I don't type of situation. I really feel like my life's purpose was saving her, and her in turn saving me. We are supposed to bring each other more fully into your grace. Am I wrong?

I need to know. Should I leave her alone, or should I fight for her in your name? I need guidance. I cannot figure this out by myself. Please...Forgive me for my sins, I profaned your gift. You know from my tears that I have remorse. What can I do Lord? Please...

Answer from God through Carley:

"I would like you to make some time to get to know me. Don't just quote words put together by others. You read this blog and that 's a good start. If you dedicated some time to reading many questions and then my answers you would have a good idea of who I am.

And yes, you are wrong. None of you are here to bring another more fully into my grace. All I want you to worry about is you. I want a relationship with you.

Do you understand what free will is? I don't want anyone to be forced to connect with me. I want it to be your choice. When people have a relationship with me, you can spot them in a crowd if you really pay attention. They have confidence. They have peace. They take a stand based on love - the love that they understand that I have. Love does not exclude, or value one above another. Love just is.

Everything you seek is at your full disposal. You have to choose it."

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