Friday, August 7, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God,
My main concern now is my relationship with my boyfriend. Before meeting him I had asked you to give me a good husband, a Christian one, someone that Lord would strongly recommend. Five years ago I met my boyfriend. It was him to start our relationship. He said that he loved me for my personal traits - honesty, kindness. Thus we began dating. Although, I understood that he did not have the traits he valued in me, he did not have the traits of a good Christian, but he did value morality, he valued what I valued, but as he would state, he wasn't strong enough to be always honest, lawful and kind. I hoped that this would change - I prayed for him to be stronger. Several months ago I found out more: he was ashamed of my appearance and the fact that I am 3 years older than he. You can imagine how painful that is for me. He explained that it was something psychological, and he was trying to overcome that. I kept praying for him to overcome his psychological problems, to be able to make a decision in favor of our union. But now I understand that the first thing I should pray for is his salvation. This will surely solve the other problems.

Now, is there anything I can do besides praying?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Remember the gift of free will and please understand that you have no control over the free will of another. You do however have full control of your own.

If the man you are with does not have the qualities you want in a partner, you are with the wrong man. I never wanted anyone in a relationship where one of the partners thought they had to change the other. True change can only come from within.

First you must become the kind of person that your perfect partner would fall in love with and then stay in love with. Be proud of your appearance and accept no one who isn't also proud of the person you are. It's the flaws and imperfections that make you real and not unlovable, but rather completely lovable.

When you are ready to try again, come to me and ask for your perfect partner, but then you must pay very close attention to the signals I give you. Trust your instincts as they come from me. If you have to talk yourself into being with someone, then you've found a relationship on your own and not from me. I'll only bring you what is perfect for you."

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