Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anonymous said...

8/12-Dear God, My husband received a rejection letter from a job he desperately wanted. Fortunately, he is currently working, so it is not like we are hurting financially, but his morale has gone down & he does not enjoy the people he is working with at this current job. The job that turned him down is in his dream field. He has applied for quite a few jobs within the past 2 years in this dream field, but he just doesn't seem to get past one of the pre-screening levels and he is feeling very depressed that he can't break through and be given the opportunity to show them what he can do for them. I feel a bit guilty because some of my family members did not provide needed documents this time around that may have contributed to this miss opportunity and I'm not sure if he will hold this against them. Additionally, the aforementioned screening level he can't pass, I just don't know if it's something in his past that's coming back to haunt him or something he's doing now that's preventing him from being given an opportunity. There are age limits for certain jobs in his dream field that he is closely approaching. I would like to know, what can we do to break through that obstacle he is facing? will he be able to work in his dream field? please bless my husband with a clear path to help him achieve his dreams. thank you for listening & watching over us. namaste.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for loving your husband so much.

Of the things one really desires in life, truth is always the most important thing to face first. Your husband needs to discover what it is that keeps him from passing the screening process. He needs to know. Once the truth is known he will be able to address it. When he needs the help of others to get what he desires most, it makes sense that relationships are tended. I put beings together to help one another. No one is supposed to do everything by themselves. It's just one of the reasons that different people are good at different things. Meditation would help your husband a great deal too. Perhaps you could learn to mediate together."

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