Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tracy said...

Dear God,

I have 3 questions for you. I believe in you fully but I have a hard time attending church, am i sinning for this?

If Mike is my planned husband, then why do I cry and get so frustrated with him? We can't seem to communicate.

Will I be getting a job this week?

I truly appreciate and love you very much.


Answer from God through Carley:

"You may be sinning in the eyes of your religion when you don't attend church, but if you're asking me if you're doing something against me, your answer is no. I connect to most people best when they seek me, when they're all alone and quiet. As long as you're in a quiet place when you seek me, I really don't care where you are when you do.

Why do you consider someone with whom you cannot communicate your planned husband? I would not want a relationship for you where you cry and get so frustrated. There will be tears and frustrations even in the perfect relationship, but for different reasons, none of them being a lack of communication."

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