Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Anonymous said...

As you know, I am in this job that I I don't hate it but I am very resentful at my boss (who I believe to be overly medicated, a little nuts and in need of serious help). It is a very dysfunctional environment. But I believe that you put me there for a reason, to learn something, or bring something positive to the situation. Have I done that? Am I done? If so, where do I go from here? If not, how much longer???

Answer from God through Carley:

"Each of the situations you find yourself in is based upon the agreement we made for you in this lifetime. In other words, yes I put you there.... but then you did too. Whether you stay in that situation is entirely up to you.

Let's look at this situation and every situation in which you find yourself, that is difficult in any way. What if you were to ask yourself "What am I to do here?" If you ask yourself this question and allow some silence and space for your soul to remember our agreement, your answer will come to you. While you might not remember, your soul definitely will. Sometimes the answer will be to become more tolerant. Sometimes the answer will be to examine your limits of acceptable behavior in those around you. Sometimes the answer will be to love more completely. Whatever the answer, it will come to you if you allow it.

As for your question the answer now is yes, your purpose in that situation is complete and frankly, well done. When you asked - it was not. The act of asking is what caused clarity in your situation to make itself known to you. Again, well done."

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kelly in va said...

Dear God
i want to know what is it you made me for?
i dont know what i am suppose to do in terms of servin you. what is my calling.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Great question. I made you and every being to love. Does that sound too simple? Deciding to love is really very simple and easy to do. Think about it. What if you were able to see every living thing as a family member of yours? What if you could see every person you encounter as a long-lost friend? What if you could really see every person you encounter? Imagine your life if everyone you encounter was happy to see you and willing to help you in anything you needed - from a smile, to a hug, to a hand-up.

As for your calling, that's up to you. Find something special to you that gives you true joy. Joy is a precious attainable gift that you give yourself. With true joy in your life, everything else becomes easier. Find your joy and dedicate some time to it each day."

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

God,I really need a job now. You know how I dreamt of having a job and being independent. I was only 19 when I realized that oral health was really bad and it needed to be treated. At 21, I have completed my graduation with a good GPA. But because of the recession,the company that hired me on campus has delayed my date of joining. What do I do? I am hopeless. I need to undergo a dental surgery. I cannot ask anybody to fund it for me. The job would have helped me live more happily. I die everyday. I hate not being able to talk. God will I ever find a job? Why is it that even my most sincere efforts result in failure? Do you really care for me God?? I want you back in my life. Please Lord have mercy.I know my parents are hurt to see me so hopeless. Please Lord help me.

Answer from God through Carley:

Yes, I really care for you. Please remember what to do when you need something different to happen in your life: decided what you'd like, ask for my help, (know that the help is coming as long as what you ask for is based in love) and then move your feet. The moving is the most difficult thing for most people to master as it requires faith in me, and faith in their own intuition. The only other thing left to do is to pay very close attention to the subtle signs I'll send you. Moving is definitely key."

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Anonymous said...

Dear God;
Why am I incapable of patience and compassion toward others? I try every day and fail miserably every day. Day after day, week after week, etc. etc.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are not incapable of patience or compassion, and you don't need to try to be patient or compassionate. What you are missing is that you are every being you encounter. You are no different than anything that lives as you are each a child of mine; literal brothers and sisters.

When you look at every being, look into their eyes. Choose to see the spark of me in each being you encounter. Realize that each being is in a different place on their own spiritual path and that there are others around you who can help you advance on your path, and that there are others you will encounter who can advance from your help.

All I've ever asked of you is to love and to not judge. It is easiest to not judge when you realize your connection to every living being."

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Michelle said...

Should I stay with E? Will things get better or will I continue to be hurt?

Answer from God through Carley:

"In each relationship, there will be some degree of hurt; real and /or percieved.  That hurt should be brief and forgivable and correctable.  I would never want you to remain in a relationship of any kind where you endure continued hurt. 

Love yourself.  You are a child of mine and worthy of everything good, kind, loving and gentle with many joyful experiences and memories that will fill your heart forever. 

Much of this life's experiences are dependant upon you.  How much joy and love you experience in your life comes first from you, and then spills out into the world and spreads out even further than you could know if you allow it.  Start with your own happiness.  Accepting less than love in your life diminishes your light and who you really are." 
h said...

God, Am I ever going to find someone?
I am tired of waiting, asking and praying. I end up being jealous of everyone who does have someone. I've a lot of friends, but am lonely.
But let me know.

Answer from God through Carley:

"When you can become the person your ideal partner would want to have, you'll be ready. Until you do, you'll never be ready and therefore continue to be jealous of others, tired of waiting, asking and praying. Anything worth having is worth working for, isn't it?"

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Michael said...

Dear God,

I am 13. i am positive that i am bisexual. i like this guy and he likes me. i dont know how you feel about gays and lesbians or bisexuals.

do you see us as you see straight people?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I see you.

I see each and every single being as my child, and you are adored, treasured and and loved beyond any way of measurement for each of your unique qualities and characteristics.

A sexual preference to me is no different than a hair, eye or skin color. You are mine and I couldn't love you more than I do, or accept you more completely for exactly who you are in this very moment.

Know this and live your life with joy in this knowing."

Monday, September 14, 2009

Anonymous said...

I have the utmost faith that I am going through my current trial and tribulation for a reason. I am currently experiencing after 14 years of marriage my husband indulging in an adulterous relationship where he doesn't come home many nights, we aren't intimate and he flaunts her around town especially at the night clubs and provides for her financially (co-signed for her car) and she call our house and tells me she loves him and he only feels sorry for me and that I need to just go away and he also tells me I just need to get out. She also lives less than a mile from our house. I've endured so much in my life, poverty, teenage motherhood, neglect, abuse, addiction, dead end employment and much more. For many years I was not the wife I should have been due to addiction and that's when he met this woman and left me homeless and destitute for her about 6 years ago. God allowed me to overcome my addiction, find a church home and actually reunite with my spouse. But during the entire time he was still with her and leading me on to believe that he loved me and wanted me back. Now he says I deserve what I'm going through and should get out. I have a very low income and am in school full-time. I just would like to know why have I and currently suffering so. Have I lead such a bad life that I will never find happiness. My life is only filled with pain and disappointment. I am aware that God is all I need, but ask why am I not at peace? Please help me I feel as though I am not able to bear another day! Please Lord, help me I can't go on this way. No, matter what I try or how much I pray it seems everyone else is enjoying their lives whether being it in sin, adultery or otherwise but I am trying to live right and depend on God but still endure so much pain. Why!

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes, you have made bad choices in your life. Now you need to start fresh. As many times as you need to, as often as you are ready for it - a fresh start is just a decision away. Keep in mind that lessons once learned, never need be repeated.

When you begin again all you need to do is decide what you want to do, ask for my help and then move toward your goal. Pay attention to everything that comes your way that seems coincidental, as there are no coincidences, those are signals from me.

Among your better choices I'd like you to find a different partner for the next phase of your life. When you're ready, when you've transformed yourself into the partner you yourself would want to have, come to me and ask me for him.

You have so much good in you to share with the world. Don't waste another second. I'm right here when you need me."

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Anonymous said...

Thankyou for creating this site.

Lord, I sinned in soooooo many ways and still am, I ask that u bless my 2 children in that they become very successful human beings both spiritually and academically with love.

Second is if I may ask what is my purpose in life, please give me some direction in life, (what was my pact with u before coming back into this world?) that I may be able to keep my head above water,I am drained financially and I desperately need your help please I need to be able to take care of my children.

Third my father has a house that was built for me the house has been on the market since feb 2009 we need to get that house sold please as soon as possible, It is draining us financially, Please help us to seel that house that is only in my fathers name very soon.

Thankyou,by the way I miss my Guru.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Why do you sin when you have children to raise that I have entrusted to you?

Thank you for coming to me and asking for help, however your actions define you. Your actions also define your children. I'd like you to make better choices. Chose as though your life depends on those choices.

It is up to you to find what in life gives you true joy. With that joy, you'll find your purpose in life. With true joy, everything in your life will fall into place. Keep going. You can do this. You are a child of mine and I'll always be right here when you need me."
Anonymous said...

Dear God:
Why does it seem that my life is the butt of every joke? I just need a little peace in my soul please help me feel OK for a change. I don't want to hurt anymore.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You have had the ability to step above your circumstance your entire life. You have the enormous power of choice.

Remember that no one really has any lasting control over the free will of another, but you have total control over your own free will.

Do you need to stay in your present situation? Do you need to allow others to have power over how you feel about yourself ? (The answer to the above is NO.)

Find one thing that you really love to do. Own it. Allow yourself time to do this thing and if you need to learn how to do it, find a way to take lessons. Make this thing a daily priority, just for you, just because you love it and because loving it and doing it gives you peace.

You see, with even one thing in your life that gives you real joy, you give yourself the gift of peace and purpose and then everything else can fall into place in the proper order."
S said...

you know how much i love him. he is my god. and i have hurt him too much. everytime i do that. i told him everything. and i guess he wont accept me. he deserves to know the truth and i gave him that. sometimes i wish we were together. please god tell him i love him and will truly do. and god give me strength to be away. thanks. please do reply. please.


Answer from God through Carley:

"Before you can be ready for a truly great and healthy relationship, you must first transform yourself into the kind of person that you seek.

Make a list of the qualities you seek in an ideal partner. It could look similar to this: honest, sincere, trustworthy, kind, dedicated, spontaneous, adventurous, studious, inquisitive, passionate - you get the idea. Then make a list of how you'll feel with this partner. This list could look something like this: cherished, treasured, important, safe, desirable, interesting, intelligent - again, I think you get the idea. There are many other lists you could make - like what's important in your partner's life - as in the environment, politics, animal rights, family - things like that. You could make a list of physical attributes but remember that looks are only indicative of what is on the surface of a person. Internal attributes are far more enduring.

With the completion of your list you will then know what you have to do to attract that person to you and keep the relationship going. Come to me for help and move in the direction of what you seek. Everything is possible."
M. said...

It has been over a year since my Mom passed,I have asked her every nite to visit me in a dream but nothing happens.Does she hear me?.Does she give me signs that she is near?.I think of her everyday.Please tell her I miss and love her so much.thank you.And thank you for my many blessings.Can you tell me my spirit guide's name and my Angel's names?.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry that you grieve so. Grief is most severely felt when things are left unsaid and or undone in life. If you search your heart you'll know what it is you would have liked to communicate to your mother while she was embodied on Earth. You can claim a quiet space any time you choose and communicate to her those things now. Once said, allow your grief to be healed and allow me to take your sense of loss away so that you can remember the joy of your mother most.

Your mother is one of your angels. If you close your eyes and imagine her, the tears that well in your eyes are her healing energies coming to you. You are surrounded in love and protective healing energies every time that you ask for them.

Angels and guides are my gifts to every living being. You can name them if you choose, but assigning names are a human need for order and recognition. Names are not required by beings not bound by Earth.

Regarding your requests for your mother to come to you in dreams, or for any prayer you have for that matter, please know that every single prayer is answered, but that the answer may come in a different form that you expect. It is very important to allow for something bigger and lovelier than you even imagined to come to you."

Saturday, September 12, 2009

anna said...

Dear God
I rescued a horse a few weeks ago named coca.her leg is cut wide open and i want to know if she is going to recover.I layed my hand on her and prayed and told you to please heal her and let her love and trust in me, will she?
I also want to thank you for the blessings in my life and all my prayers you have answered i love you and you are always in my heart. Thank you.One last thing, I tell you lord please help savanah.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Every time you open your heart and use your hands... or thoughts... or eyes... or breath.... asking for my love (healing energy) to pass through you, it does. Know that you receive more than you could ever possibly ask for, and that asking with an open heart is the key to the entire Universe."
aatma said...



Answer from God through Carley:

"I suppose that depends on who you think I am. I am really all about only one thing.

If you believe that you know me and you also believe that I require anything from you other than love, you are mistaken.

Examine please the old expression "God is Love". Like all expressions that are widely used, the meaning eventually got lost in the words. The fact remains that I am, before everything else, love.

What does that mean to you?

I hope that it means that when you look in the eyes of any other being, that you see yourself. I hope that it means that when any of you are suffering, you all suffer. Conversely, when one triumphs the victory belongs to you too. If you can accept what I ask of you then you'll understand that knowing me could never bring hurt, misunderstandings or pain.

Love one another. Help each other. Celebrate all all life as I do. When your heart is open there is nothing other than love to feel. You need not ever defend me, or fight for me. When you openly and freely love, and that is both giving and receiving, then you honor me and all I have entrusted to you."

Friday, September 11, 2009

Anonymous said...

Do I have a strain muscle or something else? thanks

Answer from God through Carley:

"This is an excellent question. My response is: How does it feel?

You have within you the perfect sensor to tell you when something is minor and when something is serious. It may take practice at first, but with practice you'll be able to learn to stay in touch with each part of you and sense how these parts feel. When you're first learning ask yourself "How does it feel?" and then sit with that question for as long as it takes to get to the real feeling you have. This internal sensor will tell you when you need to seek professional help, when you need to rest, when you need to work through whatever you are feeling and even how to heal."

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

JD said...

Dear God,

Should I continue to pursue Marie? I know that I have hurt her, and I just want to make it up to her. Is she the right one for me?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Sometimes making things right, means letting go. She could have been the one for you, and you for her, but your choices changed things.

Everything you choose matters. You can choose to do anything you wish, however the consequences for your actions - good and bad - will remain.

Act with intent and imagine the possible outcome of your actions before you act... or not. It's always been up to you."
Anonymous said...

will our granddaughter stay with my husband and i or will our gaurdianship be terminated through lies and deceit of our angry daughter? will she be safe with us?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry for your pain. Your granddaughter will always be safe with you, but I'm afraid there is much more to endure in your relationship with your daughter. Your situation eventually will pass.

There are a few things that you can do that will help. I would like you to let go of the daughter you planned on and hope for. The daughter you have is very different. When you let go of what you want to be, what there is can then come forward and exist with much less tension and friction. The lesson for you in this is to accept. Remember that you can only control your own free will, just as your daughter controls hers.

Thank you for loving your granddaughter so much. You are her rock and the love you share is very healing to you and your husband as well as what will give your granddaughter the foundation she needs upon which she will build her life and all other loving relationships.
Timnika J said...

Hello, My name is Timnika J.,I was searching on the internet about spirtiual prayer,and i came across your page,maybe you can help me with my prayer in need so here is my "ASK GOD" question.

Dear Heavenly Father

First of All I wanna thanks for the small things, the beauitful earth you've created,the breeze when it's hot, the air breath,the sun that shines bright,and the moon and the stars that shine bright at night,the big things,I thank for the food,shelter and clothing, that i have,the strength,wisdom,and patiences u provide for me,my mother,father,sisters and their kids,Thanks You So Much, Lord I'm not asking for to much,u know lord i got laid off in 2008 and I've moved to care for my ill grandmother and then moved back home to care for my sister kids while she was very ill, and now lord I'm going back to care for my ill grandmother in 2 weeks,all i'm asking lord is a little finances for myself, that way I dont have to depend on my ill grandmother or my mother and father to help,and that I can learn responsiblity for myself,I know lord that u stand by my side and walk with everyday and you'll protect me,once again Father I not asking for to much just a little start on my chapter in my book,since you are a mighty good god,if u bless me with a little more then i ask for I promise to not only help myself but help other and share my testimony with others,with everything said lord I love you and I thank you, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for taking care of those you love. You know that you had choices. I'm very pleased with the choices you made.

In order to move forward, you need to choose what it is you want. When you choose then everything can be put into motion to help you get what it is you seek. If it's a great job you'd like in a particular place or field and you need to become qualified for that job or career then all you need to do is to move your feet in that direction. Just to want something is not enough. Action is required."

Monday, September 7, 2009

Anonymous said...

I am married to a man who cheated on me and since then we have never been the same. Afew months back after being really confused on what to do with my life and marriage I ran into an ex boyfriend who I haven't seen in 10 years but was supposed to marry. We started talking on the phone. After realizing that old strong feelings for my ex where resurfacing I ended the conversations. Everything came out into the open and my husband now has broken trust with me. The worst part in all of this is that I can't stop thinking about my ex and I still want to call him. I sometimes dream of how it would be if we were together. I still love my husband but I can't seem to get control of my mind and I can't help but feel that I still love my ex. I need help and guidance on what I should do????

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry for your pain. The core of every relationship is trust. Once broken, it can be repaired, however like a mended broken bone appears healed on the outside, an x-ray shows the history, and changes in barometric pressure reminds the owner of its presence. Once trust is broken a relationship is forever changed.

Do you remember your prayers for help when you first learned of your husband cheating? Do you believe that running into your ex-boyfriend was a coincidence? Every prayer is answered.

What did you learn from that encounter? Did you understand your husband's actions better? Did you learn to make a distinction between physical cheating and mental cheating? Or do you understand that every temptation needn't be acted upon? Do you accept that your husband has broken trust with you? Why did you end the conversations with your ex-boyfriend when you realized that strong feelings were resurfacing?

What should you do? Search your heart. I will always be found there. I would like to ask you to weigh both the positive and the negative in your marriage and know what is acceptable to you within your relationship and what is unacceptable. You'll only find peace when you live up to your own standards. You are in complete control of your free will - as is your husband and every other being that you encounter."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Anonymous said...

So, which God are you?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am the only capital "G" God. If you doubt it, search your heart for how it feels. You see, I am not only the creator of all that is, (including evolution) I am your gut. I am that inner-voice that tells you right from wrong. I am the sense of knowing you get when there is no way you'd know. I am the cause of coincidence, which is really no coincidence at all. I have many different names as called by many different beings, and I don't care at all by which name I am called, but I do care quite a lot that I am called upon. I am also the one who answers every single prayer. And whether or not you choose to listen to my answers or ignore them, I will always catch you if ever you should fall and love you completely without end, as you are a child of mine."

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Anonymous said...

just out of curiosity, the woman that i will fall in love with, marry, and have at least three children with, what hair color will she have?

Answer from God through Carley:

"You worry about the color of her hair?

What about the quality of her character? What about her ability to open hear heart and to love you and nurture your children?

When you pay close attention to the little things, the things that really don't matter, the big things that really do matter are inadequately addressed. I would like to see you focus on the big things, knowing that the little things will then fall into place."

Friday, September 4, 2009

Kyle said...

Yes God I have a questions: I've went through an illegal divorce and now its coming on the second time around and my lawyer "mocked" you, my "ex" bashed you and the Judge "mocked" you in court. I won legal sanctions and lawyers fees in the first fraudulent divorce to have the Judge overturn it. My only options for Justice is too turn the Judge and Lawyers into the State Jurdicial Committee. What can I do to get justice to glorify your name in court?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I do not need you to fight for me. I am a pacifist. I believe in leading with love, and in loving everyone regardless of their present state or frame of reference. I wish you could do the same and try to allow yourself to feel what you're really feeling.

Of course you are in pain over your divorce. No one ever gets married thinking that someday this will all fall apart and that your deepest dreams will go unfulfilled. Allow yourself to feel the loss. When you fight against something, you let fear control you and you actually wind-up holding on to it even tighter. If you accept that your marriage is over, the pain will soon subside. I can help you with that. Once you allow yourself to feel it, ask for what you are to learn to be made apparent to you. Lessons learned need only be learned once.

When you are ready to let go of the pain and move in a productive way in your life, come to me and ask me to take the pain away, and know that it will be done."

Thursday, September 3, 2009

sylvester said...

How can I recongnize my angels

Answer from God through Carley:

"Learning to see spiritually is much like learning a second language. It takes dedication and practice and time.

Here's something you could do that will quickly connect you to your angels.

Believe that they exist and that they are at your disposal whenever you ask for their help.

If ever you need help, say "Angels, help" and know that you have it in any situation based in truth. Your request need be nothing more than "Angels, help" for any situation. Try to remember to say thank you when you recall the situation in which you needed help and you had it."
Anonymous said...

Dear God,

You know my heart and soul. You know the prayers that I have been praying lately. Why have I not seen what I have prayed for yet? What is required of my to be worthy of the answers?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Worthy of answers? You are a child of mine and therefore being worthy of answers is not applicable. I love you beyond any form of measure.

I would like you to examine your faith. Faith meaning belief that is not based on any tangible proof. When you ask for help assume the answer is yes and that many things are moving together in order to bring what you ask for to fruition. The other half of bringing what you ask for to light comes from you. What are you doing to bring about what you ask for?

Ask for what you'd like to have happen in your life. Prepare yourself, by making yourself ready for what you ask for. Move in the direction of what you want in some way. Then all you need to do is to believe that my answer is yes, pay very close attention to sense the signals I'll send to you and allow for what you ask for to be even bigger and better than what you originally imagined."
Anonymous said...

Do we give up our free will when we enter heaven? If we don't lose our free will, how can Heaven be free from the problems mankind have created on earth? When I have meditated on this, the answer I received from God, is that we must give up our free will to enter heaven. We will retain our free will when we have developed spiritually enough to handle the responsibility of having a free will in Heaven. Did I get the right answer?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Not exactly. When a human body dies, the human emotions die too. A soul will never lose the gift of free will, however without human emotions, there are no human problems. Once in heaven a soul is able to see everything as it truly is, without human emotions altering truth."

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anonymous said...

God, I was with a man who I thought I was in love with. We planned on getting married and having a child together. We broke up a few months ago, and I think I might be pregnant. I'm much too young to have a child on my own, although I know my family and friends will support me. The father has some problems he needs to deal with. I have taken two pregnancy tests, both saying I'm not, but I still have the symptoms. Am I pregnant, and if I am should I tell the father? I dont think he would be a positive influence on the childs life.

please give me some answers

Answer from God through Carley:

"Much time has passed since this question was asked and I have been right beside you from the second you asked me to be and your situation has since changed.

I would like to ask you a question however. Why would you be in a relationship with a man, and plan to marry him if you feel that he would not be a positive influence on a child?

You have so very much to offer the world. I would hope that you make better choices for yourself in the future. Everything matters. If you are in the wrong relationship, your perfect relationship cannot find you."
Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,

I know that you came into my life just when I needed you most and that you have carried me over the past few years, when I was unable to do so.

I have asked, begged and pleaded for clarity in regards to the situation with Lauren. I can't find a reason for why you brought her into my life and yet, it was so impactful that I find it impossible to move forward.

I feel as if I'm locked on this path and am awaiting your answer. I apologize for being so selfish, but you already know that this situation is about the only thing that I wish for myself.

I am humbled by my past and mistakes and just want to move forward as your follower. Please, once and for all, can you just give me definitive clarity as to why and if she will enter my life again.

Humbly yours,


Answer from God through Carley:

"I have heard your requests for clarity and I have answered you, however you choose to not hear me. I did not bring her into your life. You fond her on your own. There is simply no why.

I would like you to choose to move on. I would like you to let go of the emotional charge from that relationship and then give what does not serve you to me. Know that when you are ready to release it to me, it is gone. Breathe. Begin again. If you would like to be a follower of mine, all you need to do is love openly and freely and do not judge anyone or anything. If you need to take away a lesson from your relationship, remember that it is possible to be blind-sided in life and to get thrown off your path completely.

All you need to do is to decide to recover and then move your feet, one step at a time. I'm right where I've always been, right by your side."
Anonymous said...


Why is it that you make everyone look different? Why do you create some richer than others and some hungrier than the greedy? Why do you make some pretty and some ugly, some fat and some small, some smart and some retarded? Why do you make some special and some dull? Do you know that just because of the way we look the world treats us differently? It's so much easier to be rich or pretty or smart or funny. What about those who are depressed and ugly and fat and dull? Why do you make it harder for us to live? Why are you so cruel to us? Just giving an answer is easy. But that never wipes away the pain. I don't believe you actually care. . .or you wouldn't make me go through such hardships just to exist in a world that's so disastrous to my soul.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I wonder if you could consider a different way to think about how things are? I wonder if you could consider the fact that bodies die, but souls continue on forever. Along a soul's spiritual path, is everything to experience.

Before coming into a lifetime, the soul and I discuss what experiences will be had in the lifetime. We come to an agreement and then the new life begins. Sometimes the life is filled with beauty and luxury and health. Another time the life is filled with want and need and sickness. You get the picture. The agreement is in place so that the soul can experience everything there is and to completely understand first-hand, what it feels like to be in every possible situation. All of the people in your life have agreed to their part in your life, just as you have agreed to complete your part in theirs.

The conditions in which a soul begins a lifetime are based upon our agreement. Where the soul winds-up is based upon free will. With the gift of free will I have given everyone their own ability to create their own outcome. That is where the magic lies. That's how people with disabilities can come to help others with similar disabilities. That's where extremely over-weight people learn how to lose the weight and become personal trainers or nutritionists to help others that are in the same situation they themselves were in. That's where parents who lose a child to violence help create laws that protect the children of others from the same fate. And that's just naming three potential outcomes based upon the gift of free will.

I never gave any one soul all the answers or all the marbles for that matter. I've designed life to require the aid of other lives. You have the power to change your life if you are not currently happy with it. You have the power to make something really great out of something currently not so great. Conversely, you also have the power to do nothing to change your circumstances and to dwell in unhappiness. I have given life to you as a gift and with great love."
Anonymous said...

Hi, God. Why do you test my heart the way you do? I've never been happy before. I'm disfigured and I'm suicidal. I hate my life and I know it's just a matter of time before something really bad happens to me. I thought everything was lost. I thought my life was finally filled to the point where I knew nothing good could happen. Then you sent me an angel. Something that meant more to me than anything ever could. I loved that angel. I wanted that angel to be mines. I did everything I could to make that angel happy. If I was so honest to that angel, so giving and understanding and self-sacrifising, then why is it that that angel turned into my worst nightmare? That angel cheated on me. She ignored my feelings and doesn't see me for who I really am.
I know that the angel and I could never share an embrace ever again. But why do you want me to still suffer the emotions that I had with her? Can't I just make it go away? The pain is so great that I often cry out loud and hate my very existence. Why do you hate me god? Why do you hate me so?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your love of drama keeps you at an arms length from everyone, even me. Drama is only a vehicle to create and to magnify angst and it really has no place in my energy.

I love you. I do not, nor have I ever hated you. You view yourself with hatred and that fact saddens me.

Instead of focusing your attention on who you are not, or what you don't have, why not take a good look at the blessings you do have? If you choose to live in lack, that is your choice, it would never be my choice for you. What you think about and how you think about things creates your situations. You get to choose your outlook on your life.

The angel you describe was not from me. The partner I would bring to you would be perfect for you.

When you are ready to leave drama behind you and move into light, come to me. When you are ready to see the upside of things, come to me. When you are ready to leave blame behind you and create the life you want to live, come to me and allow me to help you."

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kyle GB said...

"god" if u really do exist... am i going to hell if i keep up how im living my life? am i going to get punished for what made me smile?even if they were "bad" things... ive been told by a wise man that the world needs people like me to break the rules, and fight against authority... i think im living my life how i wana live it.. i just wana know what u have to say about this

Answer from God through Carley:

"First, there is no hell - as in the place you go to burn for all eternity. You do however get the opportunity to live this life, at least these circumstances again until your objectives are achieved.

You already know me well enough to know the answer to your question. While it is true that some rules need to be broken for other forward motion to occur, other rules are there to protect others and to uphold standards based on love and acceptance and to help a lot of people live peacefully in close proximity.

When you think about what makes you happy, think about how that affects others. No one is here to manage completely alone. Check your gut when you wonder if what you're doing is okay with me. You'll know the answer if you're being honest. There are so many things you could do that would help others as well as yourself. Search for your true joy and then share it with others. You have so much to offer the world."
Anonymous said...

Who are you, God? I know from my personal experience that those who communicate with God are actually in commune with guides or teachers on the other side, who have chosen to use the persona of God in order to bring solace and to obtain the attention and trust of those whom they are trying to teach. I'm certain you are a being of light, and are ultimately trying to help those with questions. But who are you, really? Assuming this site is not a hoax, I know that you know who I am and although I am still connecting with my higher self, I also know that I am here to teach. But I know I was drawn to this website for a reason--perhaps to connect with you through these people who are channeling you. Whether or not you respond across this website is irrelivant to me. You know how to contact me and I certainly hope you do.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am your father and your mother and love you like only your creator could. You are my masterpiece. My love for you has no bounds and there is nothing you could do that would cause me to stop loving you.

It is possible to search too hard. I'd ask you to stop thinking quite so much in your quest for me and to feel more. The moment you think you know something, your ability to learn more on the same subject is gone. Your beliefs, the things you "know" are the only things that limit your experiences.

Open your heart to me and then make time and the space for silence. That's where you'll find me. That's how you'll come to know me better. I welcome and look forward to the opportunity."