Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Anonymous said...

Who are you, God? I know from my personal experience that those who communicate with God are actually in commune with guides or teachers on the other side, who have chosen to use the persona of God in order to bring solace and to obtain the attention and trust of those whom they are trying to teach. I'm certain you are a being of light, and are ultimately trying to help those with questions. But who are you, really? Assuming this site is not a hoax, I know that you know who I am and although I am still connecting with my higher self, I also know that I am here to teach. But I know I was drawn to this website for a reason--perhaps to connect with you through these people who are channeling you. Whether or not you respond across this website is irrelivant to me. You know how to contact me and I certainly hope you do.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am your father and your mother and love you like only your creator could. You are my masterpiece. My love for you has no bounds and there is nothing you could do that would cause me to stop loving you.

It is possible to search too hard. I'd ask you to stop thinking quite so much in your quest for me and to feel more. The moment you think you know something, your ability to learn more on the same subject is gone. Your beliefs, the things you "know" are the only things that limit your experiences.

Open your heart to me and then make time and the space for silence. That's where you'll find me. That's how you'll come to know me better. I welcome and look forward to the opportunity."

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