Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anonymous said...

Hi, God. Why do you test my heart the way you do? I've never been happy before. I'm disfigured and I'm suicidal. I hate my life and I know it's just a matter of time before something really bad happens to me. I thought everything was lost. I thought my life was finally filled to the point where I knew nothing good could happen. Then you sent me an angel. Something that meant more to me than anything ever could. I loved that angel. I wanted that angel to be mines. I did everything I could to make that angel happy. If I was so honest to that angel, so giving and understanding and self-sacrifising, then why is it that that angel turned into my worst nightmare? That angel cheated on me. She ignored my feelings and doesn't see me for who I really am.
I know that the angel and I could never share an embrace ever again. But why do you want me to still suffer the emotions that I had with her? Can't I just make it go away? The pain is so great that I often cry out loud and hate my very existence. Why do you hate me god? Why do you hate me so?

Answer from God through Carley:

"Your love of drama keeps you at an arms length from everyone, even me. Drama is only a vehicle to create and to magnify angst and it really has no place in my energy.

I love you. I do not, nor have I ever hated you. You view yourself with hatred and that fact saddens me.

Instead of focusing your attention on who you are not, or what you don't have, why not take a good look at the blessings you do have? If you choose to live in lack, that is your choice, it would never be my choice for you. What you think about and how you think about things creates your situations. You get to choose your outlook on your life.

The angel you describe was not from me. The partner I would bring to you would be perfect for you.

When you are ready to leave drama behind you and move into light, come to me. When you are ready to see the upside of things, come to me. When you are ready to leave blame behind you and create the life you want to live, come to me and allow me to help you."

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