Monday, September 14, 2009

Anonymous said...

I have the utmost faith that I am going through my current trial and tribulation for a reason. I am currently experiencing after 14 years of marriage my husband indulging in an adulterous relationship where he doesn't come home many nights, we aren't intimate and he flaunts her around town especially at the night clubs and provides for her financially (co-signed for her car) and she call our house and tells me she loves him and he only feels sorry for me and that I need to just go away and he also tells me I just need to get out. She also lives less than a mile from our house. I've endured so much in my life, poverty, teenage motherhood, neglect, abuse, addiction, dead end employment and much more. For many years I was not the wife I should have been due to addiction and that's when he met this woman and left me homeless and destitute for her about 6 years ago. God allowed me to overcome my addiction, find a church home and actually reunite with my spouse. But during the entire time he was still with her and leading me on to believe that he loved me and wanted me back. Now he says I deserve what I'm going through and should get out. I have a very low income and am in school full-time. I just would like to know why have I and currently suffering so. Have I lead such a bad life that I will never find happiness. My life is only filled with pain and disappointment. I am aware that God is all I need, but ask why am I not at peace? Please help me I feel as though I am not able to bear another day! Please Lord, help me I can't go on this way. No, matter what I try or how much I pray it seems everyone else is enjoying their lives whether being it in sin, adultery or otherwise but I am trying to live right and depend on God but still endure so much pain. Why!

Answer from God through Carley:

"Yes, you have made bad choices in your life. Now you need to start fresh. As many times as you need to, as often as you are ready for it - a fresh start is just a decision away. Keep in mind that lessons once learned, never need be repeated.

When you begin again all you need to do is decide what you want to do, ask for my help and then move toward your goal. Pay attention to everything that comes your way that seems coincidental, as there are no coincidences, those are signals from me.

Among your better choices I'd like you to find a different partner for the next phase of your life. When you're ready, when you've transformed yourself into the partner you yourself would want to have, come to me and ask me for him.

You have so much good in you to share with the world. Don't waste another second. I'm right here when you need me."

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