Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anonymous said...

God,I really need a job now. You know how I dreamt of having a job and being independent. I was only 19 when I realized that oral health was really bad and it needed to be treated. At 21, I have completed my graduation with a good GPA. But because of the recession,the company that hired me on campus has delayed my date of joining. What do I do? I am hopeless. I need to undergo a dental surgery. I cannot ask anybody to fund it for me. The job would have helped me live more happily. I die everyday. I hate not being able to talk. God will I ever find a job? Why is it that even my most sincere efforts result in failure? Do you really care for me God?? I want you back in my life. Please Lord have mercy.I know my parents are hurt to see me so hopeless. Please Lord help me.

Answer from God through Carley:

Yes, I really care for you. Please remember what to do when you need something different to happen in your life: decided what you'd like, ask for my help, (know that the help is coming as long as what you ask for is based in love) and then move your feet. The moving is the most difficult thing for most people to master as it requires faith in me, and faith in their own intuition. The only other thing left to do is to pay very close attention to the subtle signs I'll send you. Moving is definitely key."

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