Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Anonymous said...


Why is it that you make everyone look different? Why do you create some richer than others and some hungrier than the greedy? Why do you make some pretty and some ugly, some fat and some small, some smart and some retarded? Why do you make some special and some dull? Do you know that just because of the way we look the world treats us differently? It's so much easier to be rich or pretty or smart or funny. What about those who are depressed and ugly and fat and dull? Why do you make it harder for us to live? Why are you so cruel to us? Just giving an answer is easy. But that never wipes away the pain. I don't believe you actually care. . .or you wouldn't make me go through such hardships just to exist in a world that's so disastrous to my soul.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I wonder if you could consider a different way to think about how things are? I wonder if you could consider the fact that bodies die, but souls continue on forever. Along a soul's spiritual path, is everything to experience.

Before coming into a lifetime, the soul and I discuss what experiences will be had in the lifetime. We come to an agreement and then the new life begins. Sometimes the life is filled with beauty and luxury and health. Another time the life is filled with want and need and sickness. You get the picture. The agreement is in place so that the soul can experience everything there is and to completely understand first-hand, what it feels like to be in every possible situation. All of the people in your life have agreed to their part in your life, just as you have agreed to complete your part in theirs.

The conditions in which a soul begins a lifetime are based upon our agreement. Where the soul winds-up is based upon free will. With the gift of free will I have given everyone their own ability to create their own outcome. That is where the magic lies. That's how people with disabilities can come to help others with similar disabilities. That's where extremely over-weight people learn how to lose the weight and become personal trainers or nutritionists to help others that are in the same situation they themselves were in. That's where parents who lose a child to violence help create laws that protect the children of others from the same fate. And that's just naming three potential outcomes based upon the gift of free will.

I never gave any one soul all the answers or all the marbles for that matter. I've designed life to require the aid of other lives. You have the power to change your life if you are not currently happy with it. You have the power to make something really great out of something currently not so great. Conversely, you also have the power to do nothing to change your circumstances and to dwell in unhappiness. I have given life to you as a gift and with great love."

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