Monday, September 28, 2009

Kelly in va said...

Dear God
i want to know what is it you made me for?
i dont know what i am suppose to do in terms of servin you. what is my calling.

Answer from God through Carley:

"Great question. I made you and every being to love. Does that sound too simple? Deciding to love is really very simple and easy to do. Think about it. What if you were able to see every living thing as a family member of yours? What if you could see every person you encounter as a long-lost friend? What if you could really see every person you encounter? Imagine your life if everyone you encounter was happy to see you and willing to help you in anything you needed - from a smile, to a hug, to a hand-up.

As for your calling, that's up to you. Find something special to you that gives you true joy. Joy is a precious attainable gift that you give yourself. With true joy in your life, everything else becomes easier. Find your joy and dedicate some time to it each day."

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