Friday, September 4, 2009

Kyle said...

Yes God I have a questions: I've went through an illegal divorce and now its coming on the second time around and my lawyer "mocked" you, my "ex" bashed you and the Judge "mocked" you in court. I won legal sanctions and lawyers fees in the first fraudulent divorce to have the Judge overturn it. My only options for Justice is too turn the Judge and Lawyers into the State Jurdicial Committee. What can I do to get justice to glorify your name in court?

Answer from God through Carley:

"I do not need you to fight for me. I am a pacifist. I believe in leading with love, and in loving everyone regardless of their present state or frame of reference. I wish you could do the same and try to allow yourself to feel what you're really feeling.

Of course you are in pain over your divorce. No one ever gets married thinking that someday this will all fall apart and that your deepest dreams will go unfulfilled. Allow yourself to feel the loss. When you fight against something, you let fear control you and you actually wind-up holding on to it even tighter. If you accept that your marriage is over, the pain will soon subside. I can help you with that. Once you allow yourself to feel it, ask for what you are to learn to be made apparent to you. Lessons learned need only be learned once.

When you are ready to let go of the pain and move in a productive way in your life, come to me and ask me to take the pain away, and know that it will be done."

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