Sunday, September 13, 2009

M. said...

It has been over a year since my Mom passed,I have asked her every nite to visit me in a dream but nothing happens.Does she hear me?.Does she give me signs that she is near?.I think of her everyday.Please tell her I miss and love her so much.thank you.And thank you for my many blessings.Can you tell me my spirit guide's name and my Angel's names?.

Answer from God through Carley:

"I am sorry that you grieve so. Grief is most severely felt when things are left unsaid and or undone in life. If you search your heart you'll know what it is you would have liked to communicate to your mother while she was embodied on Earth. You can claim a quiet space any time you choose and communicate to her those things now. Once said, allow your grief to be healed and allow me to take your sense of loss away so that you can remember the joy of your mother most.

Your mother is one of your angels. If you close your eyes and imagine her, the tears that well in your eyes are her healing energies coming to you. You are surrounded in love and protective healing energies every time that you ask for them.

Angels and guides are my gifts to every living being. You can name them if you choose, but assigning names are a human need for order and recognition. Names are not required by beings not bound by Earth.

Regarding your requests for your mother to come to you in dreams, or for any prayer you have for that matter, please know that every single prayer is answered, but that the answer may come in a different form that you expect. It is very important to allow for something bigger and lovelier than you even imagined to come to you."

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