Sunday, September 13, 2009

S said...

you know how much i love him. he is my god. and i have hurt him too much. everytime i do that. i told him everything. and i guess he wont accept me. he deserves to know the truth and i gave him that. sometimes i wish we were together. please god tell him i love him and will truly do. and god give me strength to be away. thanks. please do reply. please.


Answer from God through Carley:

"Before you can be ready for a truly great and healthy relationship, you must first transform yourself into the kind of person that you seek.

Make a list of the qualities you seek in an ideal partner. It could look similar to this: honest, sincere, trustworthy, kind, dedicated, spontaneous, adventurous, studious, inquisitive, passionate - you get the idea. Then make a list of how you'll feel with this partner. This list could look something like this: cherished, treasured, important, safe, desirable, interesting, intelligent - again, I think you get the idea. There are many other lists you could make - like what's important in your partner's life - as in the environment, politics, animal rights, family - things like that. You could make a list of physical attributes but remember that looks are only indicative of what is on the surface of a person. Internal attributes are far more enduring.

With the completion of your list you will then know what you have to do to attract that person to you and keep the relationship going. Come to me for help and move in the direction of what you seek. Everything is possible."

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