Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Timnika J said...

Hello, My name is Timnika J.,I was searching on the internet about spirtiual prayer,and i came across your page,maybe you can help me with my prayer in need so here is my "ASK GOD" question.

Dear Heavenly Father

First of All I wanna thanks for the small things, the beauitful earth you've created,the breeze when it's hot, the air breath,the sun that shines bright,and the moon and the stars that shine bright at night,the big things,I thank for the food,shelter and clothing, that i have,the strength,wisdom,and patiences u provide for me,my mother,father,sisters and their kids,Thanks You So Much, Lord I'm not asking for to much,u know lord i got laid off in 2008 and I've moved to care for my ill grandmother and then moved back home to care for my sister kids while she was very ill, and now lord I'm going back to care for my ill grandmother in 2 weeks,all i'm asking lord is a little finances for myself, that way I dont have to depend on my ill grandmother or my mother and father to help,and that I can learn responsiblity for myself,I know lord that u stand by my side and walk with everyday and you'll protect me,once again Father I not asking for to much just a little start on my chapter in my book,since you are a mighty good god,if u bless me with a little more then i ask for I promise to not only help myself but help other and share my testimony with others,with everything said lord I love you and I thank you, IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN

Answer from God through Carley:

"Thank you for taking care of those you love. You know that you had choices. I'm very pleased with the choices you made.

In order to move forward, you need to choose what it is you want. When you choose then everything can be put into motion to help you get what it is you seek. If it's a great job you'd like in a particular place or field and you need to become qualified for that job or career then all you need to do is to move your feet in that direction. Just to want something is not enough. Action is required."

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