Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Anonymous said...

Lord, you have always known that my heart really desires to get my visa grant as soon as possible. I should have been approved already if not only my medicals became over-penetrated which I do not have any control of. This is already the last stage of this process. I would just like to know what are your reasons why this very devastating thing happened. Thank you very much.

Answer from God through Carley:

"In every situation in which you find opposition, it is important for you to look within for a solution.

Example questions to ask yourself:
Is what I seek based in truth?
What about me is keeping me from what I seek?
Have I asked for help (and then allowed the space and time for the help to come to me)?
What have I done or what can I do that will help me achieve what I want?

An important question to ask yourself in any situation is, What am I to learn in this?

My will is to always help you achieve what brings you true joy, but I will only light the way for you. The actual getting there is up to you."

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