Friday, October 30, 2009

Anonymous said...

i have lost all hope for my life and every night i go to sleep i ask god for my death to come. you allowed my parents both take the wrong path in life and now there both in prison.i try and try to succeed in life but i receive nothing but failure in everything i do. i left school in the 9th grade after both parents were gone and as u see at the age i am know i have shown i can stop my own substance addiction but the drugs are the only thing that make me happy. society will not let me live that life though. i know from your signs i was not meant to have kids which is fine with me. i don't want much out of my life just that little bit of happiness that does not come in a bag.i have no one and nothing to live for anymore. i do not want to live for myself any more i have proven nothing to myself that makes me worth. i would rather burn eternally below than to be stuck in the middle and hate myself every waking moment of my existence. if i am here for a reason i need to know or i will make my way to the depth below on my own. thank you for the disgraceful life you have given me i greatly appreciate it and hope to here from "you" soon. and if you do have an answer for me it would be easiest through my email [email address] i will check here often for my answer until my fate has reached it's end.

Answer from God through Carley:

"You are a precious child of mine and I love you now as I have always loved you, freely and completely, not dependent whatsoever upon what you choose for yourself.

You are not your parents. I did not allow them to go to prison, they allowed it with their use of their free will. You have the gift of free will too and while you have used it to overcome addiction, there is so much more you can choose for yourself. Simply asking for happiness is not enough. You can ask me for help and you will have it, however I can best help you when you are also helping yourself work toward every goal.

It's up to you to find what gives you true joy. And yes, true joy does not come in a bag. If you have no idea of what brings you joy, watch others and then try what gives them joy. Keep trying different things until you find one. You'll know it when you do. Then find another. With true joy comes peace. With peace comes compassion. With compassion comes love. I want you to know all of these things and I am right here to help you whenever you ask for my help and then simply move your feet, paying very close attention to little things that come your way."

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