Monday, October 5, 2009

Joseph said...

Dear God, I have been graduated from college a yr and a half ago, I have gotten temp jobs but nothing permanent.....There is this one job opening which I know I can do, and I should get, but I don't know whether it will be given to me......God I really need this job, because I have been applying and applying for jobs but with no luck, no one is even calling me and I am getting frustrated because of this.....Will I get a job? I have a fiance and she is counting on me to get a job.....Everyday I talk 2 u and I ask u to help me.....Please God help me to Get this job.....

Answer from God through Carley:

"A work relationship between employer and employee is more than just putting in your time and getting a paycheck. Who you are speaks to the world, and is reflected in the quality of the work you do for your employer as well as for your fellow employees and the entire community.

Most jobs aren't given to you but are rather earned and then earned again each day you work in your position. That said, it's imperative to be honest in every communication, to be willing to work hard and sometimes beyond the call of what is outlined in your job description for the good of your employer or the for your fellow employees.

When you search for a job and no one is contacting you, take a look within. Are you qualified to have the jobs you are applying for? Is your application and resume completed with perfect grammar and punctuation? Are your clothes putting forward a professional image that will represent your employer in a way they would be proud of? Is your personal appearance appropriate for the job you seek? Reevaluate all these things and then make whatever changes might be necessary. When you ask for my help, know that you will have it but understand that ours is a partnership in which you have a powerful role."

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