Saturday, November 7, 2009

Andrea said...

Dear God,
You know the pain in mine and my children's hearts due to my fiance going to jail. I am praying for comfort for us all during his absence and the strength we need to get through this difficult time. I suppose I am asking as well for a miracle to bring him home soon. I would also like to beg for you to use this experience to forever change all of our hearts and minds to be able to serve you and make our lives right in your eyes.
Thank you and AMEN

Answer from God through Carley:

"Every situation you encounter, either personally or as seen as it happens to another, has the potential to change you - and the change can be either positive or negative. The choices you make in how you react to any given situation, define how these situations will affect you. The choices you make have far reaching consequences.

I'd like to remind you of one very important thing; I never planned a life of lack for you - for any of you. I planned your lives to be filled with joy and fulfillment and with laughter and love. While it is true that in each life there will be suffering, you can choose to minimize the suffering even in the attitude you adopt about your suffering. Is it your destiny to endure suffering or is it a blip on the radar of a fulfilled and happy life? Do you feel that you deserve to suffer, or that you have no choice but to suffer, or can you make a different choice and move back into a joyful life?

Your choices matter. Choose wisely."

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