Monday, November 16, 2009

Anette said...

Dear Lord
I question YOU!!!!!....just three short weeks ago i met a wonderful person "Eddie" {you know him well} , and altho i met him only once he made a lasting impression on me. 2 weeks ago i found out he was in the hospital fighting for his life...i prayed and meditated with him from a distance and couldnt get him off my mind...i lived for results of his condition and it was hard to understand why i cared so much for someone i only met once..Then yesterday @ 9:45 YOU ...took him away.... he was a young man a little over 30 ..i dont understand.... not for my loss which pales in comparison to the people that really love him.. Eddie was the kind of person we need here...and yet you alow scum of the earth to live and breath.. WHY? why do you always take the best of us so soon?...What do i do with this quandary? How do i make sence of it all and make things better...
Love, your daughter Anette

Answer from God through Carley:

"The body that every being lives in is a finite entity. How you care for that body will affect the quality of your lives in your bodies, but eventually each body will die. Each being has an agreement with me that covers many varied things. One of those things is the when and how the host body will die. I do not take anyone. Your life experiences and the other beings in your life are additionally agreed to - both by you as well as by the other beings in your life. By beings, I mean human, animal and plant.

I will tell you this; if you want to avoid grief, do and say everything you want to do and say that comes from love, when you feel it. Grief comes from a sense of regret, from things left undone and unsaid. If you want to feel complete, act from your heart in all things."

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